North to Alaska: Chit-chatting Passengers

On Saturdays I go cruising.. I will rephrase that.. I join Tess Karlinski on her most recent travel adventure.. on a cruise to Alaska.. It is the first night and after a foodless day it is time to hit the dining-room.. have a glass of wine and compare health systems… back up to the wine and head over and take it from there…..#recommended

How the Cookie Crumbles

Soon lazy navy water replaced buildings and civilization in exchange for distant snow-capped mountains and tiny islands. Did I mention deep water?

 In the excitement and knuckle-biting of the day, I had forgotten about food, but it was 5:30 p.m.  I had worked up an appetite. Mary insisted we return to our room to change for dinner. Mouth-watering aromas of food drifted around us. I drooled as we passed a buffet (manned with servers) down to our stateroom. We needed our credit cards out of the safe, anyway, for a celebratory toast to the beginning of our new adventure.

I chose the prime rib for dinner (yum—so-o tender), adding twice-baked potatoes and chopped bok choy, just enough to satisfy my hunger, vowing not to overeat on this cruise. We shall see. Dessert is never on my radar, so no added calories there.

After dinner, we sashayed to a bar passed…

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3 thoughts on “North to Alaska: Chit-chatting Passengers

  1. I spent time on ADAK in the Aleutian Islands… Seeing how cold you two looked, it’s okay with me if I don’t see Alaska again… My apologies to Alaska…so many beautiful areas…just not for me!
    Sounds like you managed some food and fun! ♥

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