Mark my words: teaching, writing, learning

Jessica Norrie pays to tribute to the consummate educator Andria Zafirakou who has been named World’s Best Teacher.. Jessica also explores Ms. Zafirakou’s philosophy on the role of the teachers which sounds much more appealing than some of the ‘rote’ style of teaching I enjoyed at some of my several schools. Also a look at Jessica’s new book The Magic Carpet with too is set in a school and she shares some of the feedback she has received from those she has submitted her book to for consideration. It has thrown up some issues that require more thought but from my perspective it sounds like a book that will appeal to many parents, those who have been through the diverse classrooms we have today and to teachers. I look forward to reading. #recommended

Words and Fictions

My so far unpublished novel The Magic Carpet involves the demands schools make on families. I was pleased to see my themes reinforced this week by Andria Zafirakou who’s been named “the world’s best teacher”. Ms Zafirakou is one of so many committed, imaginative colleagues who deserve awards, and interestingly, she works in ways this government may barely regard as teaching. With characteristic goodwill she’s now using the prize and publicity to reinforce the same messages I believe in.

Ms Zafirakou teaches creative subjects, art and textiles – yes, they do matter, Mr Gove and successors! She provides breakfast because hungry pupils can’t learn – take note, ministers who proposed abolishing free school meals for over a million children this week? She knows their housing conditions because she makes home visits, unlike the council leader who’d never entered a tower block before Grenfell burned down. She sees children onto the…

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8 thoughts on “Mark my words: teaching, writing, learning

  1. Thank you so much Sally. There must have been something creative about your education somewhere, to make you the multi skilled woman you are! I’m widening my own range with a bit of wallpapering this weekend. Have a lovely Easter everyone.

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