Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Esme’s Party Piece – Easter, Lucky numbers and a touch of colour #predictions

I was looking for something to add a little mystery and colour to the blog, and whilst I have been known to read palms, the crystal ball and the cards (yes my mother claimed gypsy ancestry), I have never got to grips with astrology except as a spectator.

Then I remembered my old friend Esme.. not her real name but one I rather like…. who used to amuse and astound us, with her party piece of telling fortunes based on the characteristics of our zodiac sign. She had been interested in astrology from an early age but one day discovered a flair for interpreting the signs in a different way.

I approached her in the hopes that she might contribute to the blog by providing fortnightly posts with a forecast for each sign.. She agreed provided I did not use her real name (she is an eminent scientist) and that I crossed her palm with a couple of bottles of Cava from time to time.

She absolutely wishes this to be regarded as for fun purposes only and not to be taken too seriously, and that she will be happy to contribute again should this first post be enjoyed and commented on.

It is a full moon this Saturday and it coincides with Easter weekend which is a time when we come into close proximity to family members. For the majority of us that can add extra stress that lingers on into the following week. However, it does offer a chance for reflection, to relax and hit the ground running as we head into spring.

Here are my thoughts on your particular sign from 29th March to 12th April.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

You are devoted to your family and this can sometimes lead to you being taken advantage of. Finding a diplomatic way to say ‘no’ can be a challenge, so go with the flow over Easter, but build in some exit strategies so you can escape for some down time. You will enjoy yourself… I promise! At work in the next couple of weeks expect some surprise news, and you like taking a risk, don’t you! One thing to watch for is computer woes and make sure you check your diary each morning. Your lucky number is 5 and the colour red. If you happen to be next to a roulette table…

Taurus: April 20 -May 20

Whilst things on the home front seem to be absolutely wonderful, you might be a little less content at work. Perhaps you are at odds with one person in particular, and a little time off from each other over Easter might be a good idea. You will probably feel better health wise than you have been since the beginning of the year, and that is likely to be down to the change in season. You have an opportunity to treat someone special over the next two weeks, and they will love you all the more for your kindness. Your lucky number is 6 and if you do the lotto, you might try some combinations.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

You of all the signs of the zodiac are a born communicator and you have no problem shining in a social setting. You will have plenty of opportunity for that in the next two weeks at home and in more work related environment. You might not have been involved in a romantic relationship for a while but you are firing on all cylinders at the moment and spring is in the air after all. For you the full moon might spark a little friction with a close family member. Mind your elders and betters. Your lucky number is 7 and orange is your colour. Be daring and buy that new jacket.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

You seem to be on every ones guest list with invitations flowing for the Easter weekend and it will be tough to juggle all your commitments. You seem to be in line for surprise or two that will see you smiling, and also a possibility of a job move, upwards, sideways or away… You have a nemesis who tends to bring you down… you know who I mean, that inner voice that tells you that you cannot possibly do that! Sometimes you have to follow your instincts. Your lucky number is 2 and your colour is violet. I think this week, that speaks to romance and to saying it with flowers.

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Last time I mentioned a cash windfall, and since your lucky number is 19, I wonder if that came up as part of the equation! I feel that recently you have been more subdued and less flamboyant than normal. There is a question mark over your work or living environment at the moment, and it has made you unusually hesitant. Talk to someone you trust and get their input, and then make your mind up based on the pros and cons and not your fears. It is Easter so wear something yellow… it might bring you some much needed colour. Things do work out for the best in the long run.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Suddenly this week you get the go ahead on a project and you are excited. However, take the slower pace over the holidays, to check all the details and financial considerations. There seems to be a governmental element involved and so it pays to be prudent. The weekend should be fun, but busy, and take care around the house… banana skins, kid’s toys and the dog might just trip you up. Never mind nobody is perfect… you included! Your lucky number is 7 and even more so if your birthday falls on that day… Wear blue and get an extra lucky boost.

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Sometimes we don’t get along as smoothly as we would like with certain family members.  This is even more of a quandary if the relation in question is your partner’s! The key to keeping everyone busy is lots of food and board games. Do try not to be too competitive as letting them win once in a while will keep the peace. Once we get past this weekend things will improve, and an opportunity to spend some quality time with the one you love is just around the corner… book those concert tickets or that dinner cruise. At work you are doing well… a team of 3 which is your lucky number could produce excellent results.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

You feel things very deeply, and at the moment you are in the middle of an emotional situation, which is a good thing. You do tend to over analyse a situation, and that can spoil the spontaneity of the occasion, especially for the person who might have invited you out for a meal or to take a relationship to the next level! I think something bold is on the horizon and it will demand that you go all in. Your colour is red and you reflect this in a fiery and passionate approach to communication… toning that down a touch might just win you the debate. Your lucky number is 4 and you might find that on a door of opportunity this week, and does not mean the number of chocolate eggs you can have!

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

At last with Easter this weekend you have an excuse to back away from work and other projects and spend time with family and friends. Whilst you find it hard to drop everything… it will still be there next week. I think that you might find out some surprising news in the next two weeks that will give you pause for thought. I cannot tell you what it is, but it might just lead to a transformation of one part of your life. I also feel that there might also be an issue with a family pet that has been worrying you. If in doubt visit the vet and put your mind at rest. Your lucky number is 6 and having that number in a telephone number might bring that surprise news

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

I get the feeling that you have had a structural problem… a back or joint that is now on the mend. You have a tendency to overdo things physically and it is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. That will give you time to get in touch with a long term friend who you have not seen for a while. and put your feet up over Easter. You will be going through a quieter time at work over the next couple of weeks and make the most of it as it will ramp up again by mid-April. Your colour is blue and it suits you… wear some this weekend and turn around 4 times for luck… only kidding not with your back!

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

You don’t do winter or grey skies. The good news is that people, music and humour brighten your days. This next couple of weeks you need to cut out the distractions that are delaying work projects. It might mean disappointing some friends or family, but they are very proud of your achievements, and will understand. Everybody can expect delays during the next couple of weeks as Mercury is retrograde, and the knock on effect is a pain. Leave plenty of time for trips, expect surprise visitors so stick something in the freezer and don’t stress… it is the same for every sign at the moment which means billions of us! Your lucky number is 22… and the colour is violet… sounds like a raffle ticket to me.

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Are you feeling constrained and have itchy feet? The world is calling to you and that is irrespective of your age or circumstances. We all feel a little bit like that as we get to spring, but in this next two weeks, you are the sign who is feeling it the most. Sometimes however, when you are in a partnership, you don’t necessarily share the same interests… you like cruises and they like climbing mountains. Compromise and agree to differ. Find a friend who shares your love of the sea and head off into the blue wide yonder. Just think, you will have so much to talk about when they come back from climbing Everest, and you from your world cruise! Your lucky number is 11… is it on a cabin door or an aeroplane seat?

©Smorgasbord Esme 2018

It is now up to you, and both Esme and I would be fascinated to find out if you feel that these forecasts are interesting, pretty accurate or entertaining!  If you would like to see more from Esme… make your mark… thanks Sally

And remember this is for entertainment purposes only…..

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