Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Spring Showcase – Helen Jones, Andrew Joyce, Deanna Kahler, D.G. Kaye, Alethea Kehas, Heather Kindt, Joy Lennick, Geoff Le Pard, John Maberry and Debbi Mack

Welcome to spring….. and there might be a hint of colour in the garden, as daffodils push their way to the surface, but there is plenty of colour on the shelves of the bookstore that I thought I would share with you over the next week.

If you are looking for you next book to read then look no further than these talented authors and over 600 books currently on the shelves.

Instead of the usual Cafe and Bookstore updates on Friday and Monday.. I will be featuring a number of authors each day with their updated reviews.

I will give you their listing which also includes a link to buy the books but also discover others that they have written but are not listed. I include one of their recent reviews for the book. You will also find a link to their website or blog to find out more information, and as you can imagine… they write great posts too.

Here is the next ten featured authors from the Cafe and Bookstore with a recent review to share with you.

Helen Jones, Buy:

An Extract from a recent review for Under Stone

The fourth book in Helen Jones’s Ambeth Chronicles, Under Stone picks up right where Hills and Valleys left off. While all of the Ambeth books have shown various characters’ perspectives, Under Stone spends the most time away from Alma. While I missed Alma and would have liked to see more of her journey, I did appreciate getting an inside look at Lord Denoris’s schemes, as well as the other happenings around Ambeth. With the search for the Cup coming to a head, there are so many compelling storylines to follow. The courtly drama drove the plot and kept me guessing about each character’s true motives and plans, as well as the location and fate of the ever-important Cup.

Another aspect I liked about Under Stone was the emotional payoff. Many of the characters finally dealt with issues (positive and negative) that they’d been grappling with throughout the series. It was really satisfying to watch them grow and see the impact on their various relationships. I also appreciated how Jones wove in scenes from the past, which provided necessary background for the Cup search, as well as added emotional weight to the current events. As for the ending… let’s just say it introduced a rather exciting complication and left me super anxious for the next book!

Andrew Joyce, Buy

Andrew51jymDwgCkL._UY250_ Resolution-800 Cover reveal and Promotional51zhg2sqivl-_uy250_

One of the recent reviews for Ellis

I would call Joyce’s book a novelette rather than a short story. In true Joyce’s style of storytelling, he leads us from a young man’s dreams to the adult fulling his aspiration. Ellis,(a true person) is a truly rugged man and his adventures are given life by Joyce. If you are a fan or not of Joyce’s writing, read this one.

Deanna Kahler, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Part of Me.

Seventeen year old Chase has had nightmares for years. Every nightmare involves a plane crashing and a beautiful woman. Psychologists determined that his nightmares were due to PSTD since his father died in a plane crash when Chase was six years old but that doesn’t account for the fact that he still has them and that they involve a beautiful woman.

Chase is going on spring break with his friends and girlfriend Kaitlyn a girl who was his best friend until they decided to become a couple. Kaitlyn loves Chase but Chase loves the woman in his visions and nightmares and eventually feels he has to be honest with Kaitlyn. While in Panama City he breaks the news to her that he loves a woman he sees in his dreams and is determined to find her. He has always felt that something was missing in his life and he always did whatever others thought he should do. If he ever hopes to find happiness and love he must find out if the woman is from his past or is in his future.

D. G. Kaye – Buy:

Please visit Amazon or Debby’s blog to view all her books.

A recent review for Twenty Years: After “I Do” 

D.G. Kaye has given us a very personal account of twenty years of marriage with an older man – the highs and the lows, the joys and the concerns. What I read between the lines is the strength of this couple’s love and commitment to each other, their determination to find the positive in every situation and the joy in every moment. Kaye opens her heart for us all to see and through her process shares wisdom that can be of value to any couple of any age. True love knows no barriers. Thanks for sharing your journey and wisdom, D.G. Kaye.

A recent review for the book

This book is a lovely heartfelt story of a young girl who overcomes many trials and tribulations. I couldn’t put this book down, as I could completely relate to the stories being told. We are not so different, deep down we are all the same.

Heather Kindt, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for the book.

This a great story. Relevant to me because I am a retired teacher. My last principal was a knuckle head. Recommend to teachers or anyone wanting a good laugh!!!

Joy Lennick, Buy:

An early review for The Moon is Wearing a Tutu

on December 19, 2017 Five Stars

A light-hearted look at life and the characters we all know! It certainly made me smile.A little book to treasure and dip into when you just need to relax a while – there is something for everyone in this book and hopefully we can look forward to lots more “little gems” in the near future from Joy and Eric

Geoff Le Pard, Buy:

71oYPlm6ZdL._UX250_My father and other liars v 4

An extract from one of the recent reviews for Life in a Flash

It is amazing to me how a piece of flash fiction or a really short story can have a huge impact on you. The imagery and idea can bore into your mind and take up residency there so that you keep going back to the idea and turning it over and reflecting on it. To me, a huge reader all my life, a piece of writing that can do that to you is amazing. I found a number of pieces of writing like this in Geoff Le Pard’s book, Life in a Flash.

There are a few pieces with the common theme of planet Earth effectively being used as a plaything of the gods. The gods wreak havoc on Earth when they are feeling a bit boisterous and it has huge implications to the humans that live there. I thought the stories in this theme were really fun and unique.

John Maberry, Buy:

An extract from a recent review for Waiting for Westmoreland

One man’s journey from chaos to inner peace. on November 4, 2017

Here we have a book that is much more than memoir, and more life journey told (and written) exceedingly well and with great courage. If the writer’s mandate is to ‘open a vein’, Maberry has opened that vein and allowed whatever flowed to fill this work. From his background in hardscrabble Minnesota, enduring the loss of a parent, then for all intents and purposes the loss of the other, the author describes his various efforts to carve a niche for himself. Just as his efforts appear to be paying off, he’s found a companion, started school, navigated his way through the shoals of early adulthood, when the Selective Service System came calling and he was drafted.

Debbi Mack, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Identity Crisis

This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it !

The story starts off with Sam McRae, a small independent lawyer, being notified that the client she had gotten a restraining order for, against her abusive boyfriend, was now being saught for his murder.

Mix in a sudden identity theft issue for our main character, Sam, and things start to heat up. She starts to try and find her client who has gone missing and also has to contend with the Mob and a large contingent of various law enforcement agencies – so not just a simple murder case.

Sam is of the mind that since her case was never closed then she is still working for her client and should try to sort things out herself. We get lots of other twists and turns added into the mix and some may be obvious but others are nice surprises. I shall look forward to reading some more books, by the author, with the Sam McRae character.

Thank you for dropping in this morning and I will be sharing ten more talented authors from the bookstore tomorrow in the Spring Showcase.



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