Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Aromatherapy – Clary Sage, Background, Usage and Safety.

Twenty years ago I ran a health food shop and diet advisory centre here in Ireland and we sold essential oils for aromatherapy. I thought that I should learn more about it and took a course on the subject. It is not something that I have covered here on the blog, and I am looking forward to refreshing my memory from my course notes. and introducing you to this relaxing therapy at the same time.

What is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which have been extracted from specific sweet smelling plants for therapeutic massage. They are blended with specialised carrier oils to ensure that they are used in a diluted form and are easily absorbed by the skin. The oils can also be used to add these therapeutic aromas to our environment as well with the use of burners.

This week I am going to share more background to Clary Sage essential oil.. its history and usage.

Clary Sage from France and Russia uses the whole plant.

  • Scent: Herbaceous, earthy
  • Usage: Inhalation, Bath, Skin Care, Massage.
  • Note: Middle
  • Mood: Calming
  • Safety: Avoid with alcohol and in pregnancy (may result in early contractions, but is used for this purpose at time of delivery)

Sage as a herb.

The use of Sage goes back to the Romans and comes from the Latin ‘Salva’ for good health. You didn’t just wander into the countryside and pick the herb as it had to be carried out as part of a religious rite. The herb was used to encourage fertility, although I would imagine the juice was pretty bitter. It came into popular usage in the Middle Ages and was used as a primary preventative and cure for most known diseases of the time. Particular in relation to women and their cycle and it was also used during childbirth to encourage contractions. Sage contains a component sclareol which mimics the actions of eostrogen in the body. If you were deficient in eostrogen then this would encourage the hormone to increase.. however if you have sufficient of the hormone it would not increase it further.

Sage was also used to treat stomach upsets, sore throats and it is believed that it helps ease the discomfort of insect bites.

Generally the herb is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent and to take internally you would use a teaspoon of dried leaves and steep in boiling water for 30 minutes. You would drink a cup a day but sipping slowly over a half an hour or so.

Clary Sage as an essential oil.

via Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Aromatherapy – Clary Sage, Background, Usage and Safety.

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