Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Open House Sunday Interview – Writer, traveller and wild west nut Jo Clutton

Welcome to the Open House Sunday Interview and this week my guest is Jo Clutton.. who manages two blogs covering her eclectic range of interests from travel and adventure to Wild West enactment. Before we find out more let me introduce her to you.

About Jo Clutton.

I’m Jo – quirky artist, writer, traveller, mental health advocate, music lover, wild west nut intrigued by science. Renaissance soul with potty sense of humour. Pleasantly eccentric, I’m told. Five years ago I miraculously recovered from 30 years of depression over a period of three years. I’m blogging about the rebuild of my polymath life on Creating My Odyssey. Five years ago chance led Husband and I to the mental health team who brought me to where I am now. Which proves that provided sufferers of depression know where to look, help is available. That’s the hard part. My blog is a great vehicle for my creativity and life. I’m unleashing everything that was hidden under a bushel! I’ve been writing an epic Wild West novel forever, Alias Jeannie Delaney. Since my recovery I decided it’s time to get it out there. I’m blogging about it and Husband has taken me in hand and we’re slowly editing our way through it.

Now time to explore Jo’s blogs further and discover what other adventures she would like to tackle in the future.

Welcome Jo and could you tell us a little more about your two blogs?

Creating My Odyssey is my creative mental health blog. I’m chronicling the rebuild of my polymath creativity and life after recovering completely from thirty years of depression and anxiety. My posts cover my renaissance soul lifestyle.

Renaissance soul. What does that mean? It’s someone who has many disparate interests. Unrelated to each other. Polymath and scanner are other names for it. People who find it hard to settle for just one or two interests.

Many years ago I decided that I was a renaissance soul. I listed my main interests as ‘artist, writer, traveller and wild westerner’. I loved that thought!

Other interests that I write about are rowing, canoeing, the paranormal, architecture, archaeology, history of medicine and photography, space travel and research, films, reading, walking, yoga, archery and history.

For example my visit to the Victoria and Albert museum last year to see the Festival of Design. They’ve redesigned the museum and it’s fabulous

I would say that the whole blog sums me up! I’m anti-ageist, childlike, and have a potty sense of humour, and I’m pretty feisty!  Creating my odyssey

But here is an excerpt from one of my recent travel posts 


…a bonkers thing to do.
You might fall off,
you might fall in –
it’s better to go to the zoo!

For those of you who do not know,
a Levada is like a canal.
It waters the fields,
the bananas and veg –
it’s good to walk with a pal!

You find them in Madeira,
they follow the lay of the land.
They’re beside the sea,
or scarily high –
hold onto the railings – both hands!

 You can read the rest of the post and see more photographs: Never walk a Levada

My second blog, Kitty Le Roy is dedicated to my wild west hobby.  I’ve been fascinated by the west forever, particularly the rough, tough, sharp shootin’ women of the west. I’ve researched many of these women over the years and did some living history camping in recent years, emulating my western heroines.

I have a cabin in my back garden. It’s well weathered now and filled with western artefacts (goat skull, steer horns, canned grub, whiskey bottles, art by me and western images). I’ve recently replaced the roof, with the help of JC, and intend, this summer to get it in shape again.

This interest has ‘spurred on’ (sorry!) my epic novel writing Alias Jeannie Delaney, the life story of a devastating cowgirl who’s the fastest gun in the west and also bisexual. I’m working on this as we speak, with the help of Husband.

Do you prefer television, film or theatre?

I love films (action, comedy) and television (the same. quiz shows, who dunnits, antique shows, some comedy, Neighbours!) Of the action films that I enjoy I would probably choose Star Trek – any one of the series. Love the characters and the humour, quite apart from the action.

Sally here:  I have found this fight scene between Captain Kirk and Spock… I am a Trekkie..too.  A lovely slice of Ham…..

What is the one big adventure that you would like to experience?

Two big adventures! The first one is to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. I love water, particularly the tropics, would love to see Australia (we have friends there), and always wanted to try snorkelling. I’d love to have been a marine archaeologist, diving down to wrecks, but the idea of deep scuba diving in a mask is particularly scary, so snorkelling will do nicely!

Here is a short video from Queensland, Australia

And the second adventure would be to see the Aurora Borealis in colour.

Tell us about your work in progress, plans for your blog in the next year any special events that are coming up that are very special to you.

As I mentioned I have been writing Alias Jeannie Delaney forever, on and off for thirty years during depression and young parenthood to help keep me sane! My husband is finally helping me edit it chapter by chapter. I was too embarrassed by it before. I decided after recovering completely from depression that it was time to get it out there. I also want to extend my blog and post pieces about other creatives and renaissance souls.

What is your favourite piece of music?

That  is an impossible question because I love so many, and I enjoy many genres. Some pop, dance, heavy metal, some jazz, some opera, classical, rap, 80s, rock n’‘roll…

With such a wide range of styles to choose from I have picked a classic Western sound track from a film I am sure will fit in with Jo’s and Kitty’s love of the era. The Big Country.


My thanks to Jo for joining us today and I do hope you will head over and enjoy her two blogs. Certainly plenty of interesting topics to enjoy for everyone.

Just a reminder of the blogs and other places to connect to Jo.

Google + : Jo Clutton Google

Thank you for dropping in today and look forward to your feedback.. Thanks Sally


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  4. It’s a pleasure to meet Jo. Such an eclectic woman and, I suspect, kindred spirit. I love reading about Wild West women. Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane are two favorites. Looking forward to reading Alias Jeannie Delaney ❤

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  5. What lovely ladies you all are! Thank you so much for all your kind words. Now I’m under pressure to try and get on with the novel. It’s epic, a beginning, muddle and end, but my brilliant Husband is going through the editing process with me. It’s going to take a while longer, I suspect, but your comments will really help me along. Thank you!

    Jo 😊


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