Smorgasbord Weekly Round Up – Johnny Mathis, Chocolate, Tea Tree Icecream, Lamaze Classes and Mary Kay

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts on the blog this week. It has been great fun putting it together and thanks so much for being around to help share them. I definitely do not take that support lightly when there are so many amazing bloggers in our community.

The weather continues to be a pain in the butt.. We had four times the average rainfall for March and we have already had double the average for April in only 8 days. Whilst for most of this it means getting the odd soaking when we do the shopping or take any dogs out… for farmers here it is causing serious issues. We might have a very green landscape because of the rain but it also requires sunshine to grow grass and other crops. Because of the lack of new growth and because it has been so wet underfoot, many dairy farmers have been forced to either keep the herd in winter housing and keep feeding them the stored winter fodder.. Which has now run out and they are forced into paying hundreds of thousands of Euros a week across the industry to buy more fodder to keep them going. Their profit margins on a litre of milk are slim enough. So for their sakes and ours, hopefully spring and sunshine will appear shortly.

This week has also been exciting for me personally as the blog was nominated in the Best Overall Blog category (along with some of my favourite bloggers) I am very honoured and inspired to carry on doing what I love.  There are several categories and you will find some of the contributors to the blog on the lists.. It would be amazing if you could head over and vote for your personal favourites and here is a link to a post that I did earlier in the week.

As usual I must thank William Price King, Paul Andruss and Carol Taylor for their wonderful columns this week. Johnny Mathis is going down very well.. the third and last in the series is this week… Paul tickled our taste buds with one of his in depth articles, this week on the subject of Chocolate.. the companion piece to last week’s Coffee.. and Carol Taylor put together a post Easter light three course meal.

For the last two weeks I have been posting a daily Cafe and Bookstore Spring Showcase and tomorrow sees the final post in the series. That is 150 authors that have been promoted with their most recent reviews. From Friday it is back to the normal twice weekly updates. However, now that I am through the bulk of my latest book.. I am returning to promoting new books of authors in the bookstore individually in the New Book on the Shelves promotion.

I already have four in the buffer but if you are in the bookstore and have a new book then just let me know. I do prefer to promote when available so as soon as it is on Amazon just send me the link to and I will do the rest. I keep a file on everyone in the bookstore and always check the bio etc for changes.

If you do have new book covers you will find that more often or not this new edition will change the individual book’s Amazon link.. Again just send me the link to your book with its new cover and I will change me information.

A quick request if I might. The purpose of these posts is to promote your books and hopefully result in sales. I will respond to comments and share on my social media, but to be really effective, you need to respond to every individual comment that is made too. Remember that people buy people first.

Also when part of the Cafe and Bookstore update on Mondays and Fridays alongside four other authors, it really makes a difference if you share the post on your own blog and social media. For example…. one of the recent showcases received 150 views on the blog but received 25 retweets.. I did the sums by going into each of those accounts and the number of followers and therefore potential readers of the books came to….. 350,000. That is the power of the accumulation factor and a powerful marketing tool.

Anyway.. enough of the palaver!  Time to get on with this week’s posts.. thank you again for all your support it is much appreciated.

William Price King picks up the story about Johnny Mathis and shares some of his early smash hits… such as….

Paul Andruss posted a companion piece to his recent article on Coffee.. this time Chocolate received the always entertaining Andruss treatment.

Carol Taylor was on an Easter break this week but did put together a delicious lighter three course meal after the excesses of the chocolate (from Paul and in the Easter Eggs).

The Open House Sunday Interview with writer, traveler and Wild West Nut Jo Clutton.

Smorgasbord Poetry – Immortality by Dorothy Cronin – 1949 – 2006 – It is 12 years since our family lost a dear and much loved mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is still missed. I originally shared this at Easter 2014….I will be sharing her poetry for the next few weeks.

Personal Stuff- Letters from America

This week I am assistant coach for my friend Vicki at her Lamaze classes, host a Mary Kay party and am in awe of auction lots for Mother’s Day!

Short stories – Tales from the Garden – Little Girl Lost

Sally’s Book Reviews – Welcome to Saint Angel by William Luvaas

Sally’s Drive Time.. Music to get the weekend started.

This week an all out effort to bring some dry weather.. or at least sunshine back to Ireland.. with some sun themed songs.

An interview by Cynthia Reyes and a look at my little library amongst other things.

Blog Photo - Sally Library

I was delighted to be the guest of Cynthia this week… a little more background and secrets!

Posts from the Archives

Robbie Cheadle rounded off the Easter celebrations with a rhyming story with her main character Sir Chocolate saving the day.


Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Spring Showcase.

Jessica Norrie

Smorgasbord Health Column

How the brain develops from conception through life. We are hard wired and from the moment of conception there will be enforced changes to the structure and function of our brains

Smorgasbord Aromatherapy.

This week Clary Sage essential oil under the spotlight and also the hormone changing element of some oils that can be used therapeutically but can also impact gender specific health issues.

Turning Back the Clock – Chapter Nine – Holding on to your Marbles (A companion piece to the brain series)

The nutrients we need to be healthy – Vitamin B2- Riboflavin.


Another Flash Mob.. this time it is opera in the supermarket..

Thank you very much for your continued support and enjoy the week ahead..


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  1. Another fab week Sal, and have shared. FYI Google is giving me trouble lately when I try to plus your name. The last 2 shares it wouldn’t pull up your name, I opted for a guess on a ‘Sally Cronin’ with no avatar. Damn gremlins! ❤

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