Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Holding the Lines (Book 2 The First Level of Hell) by Joelle LeGendre

Delighted to share the new release from Joelle LeGendre. Holding the Lines is Book Two of The First Level of Hell series following on from Atto Run.

About Holding the Lines Book Two – The First Level of Hell

Take the equivalent of a human 12-year old and give him an honest-to-God this-can-really-hurt-you chemistry set. Ramp this up to the next step and think outside Earth, outside the solar system and fit your imagination into galactic proportions.

Then do something so insane it defies imagination. Stick this child on a world inhabited by the galactic version of violent, voracious army ants and tell him he’d better use the damned chemistry set or die.

What do you get?

“I’m repairing part of the genome that’s trying to absorb your uterus. No wonder it took my people 100,000 years to create Ri-Attons.”

“I’m 9 months pregnant. I’m miserable. Why don’t they come out?”

“Remember Alma, I’m creating a new species. I’m correcting mistakes, reintegrating…”

“Would you just spit it out?” Alma asked.

“I had to slow their growth. They’re due in September.”

“September!!!” Alma yelled. “I’m going to be pregnant for a year?”

This is the alien’s life, unappreciated, unloved, and constantly holding the lines between governments, the Ryatto clan, their employees, and his mother, the Ruler of the Galaxy, who just wants to destroy Earth and get it over with.

What could go wrong?

Head over and buy the book:

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Also by Joelle LeGendre

One of the reviews for Atto Run – The First Level of Hell

As a scifi fan, I found the novel, “Atto Run, The First Level of Hell,” an intriguing and fun read. If, like me, you enjoy tales of space travel, advanced technology, exotic other-world settings, and whole planets that just might not make it, you’ll likely enjoy this book too. But author, Joelle LeGendre, goes way beyond a traditional space-opera, and delivers what is ultimately a fine novel of ideas. Most good speculative fiction (or any good fiction) does transcend category, but Atto Run somehow personalizes its theme in ways I’ve not seen before. The universe-threatening concerns of the intergalactic goddesses get squeezed down to the very small, human concerns of a central character who’s not so much an anti-hero as a non-hero. It’s through her “every-woman” eyes, we earthlings meet our first alien. And it’s not like anything you’d expect. It’s at the heart of the delightful comic sense running through this book and what makes it so much fun. I highly recommend it. You’ll expand your mind and laugh while doing it.

Read the reviews and buy both books:

And Amazon UK:

Read the reviews and follow Joelle on Goodreads:

About Joelle Le Gendre

Joelle LeGendre was born mooning the world in the depths of the 20th century.


Her mother nearly died twice during labor when Joelle showed her…uh, derriere, and the cardiologist who delivered her had a mild heart attack after the grueling ordeal.

“No child who experiences that kind of birth is normal,” Joelle laughs. “I’m well-endowed with the multi-layered weirdness of a not-quite-right-mind.”

Since birth, Joelle has viewed the world through her own rose colored filter of dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, insomnia, almost-blindness and ‘ain’t quite right’.

When asked to define her life, Joelle said, “I can’t NOT write. It’s worse than opium, alcohol, cigarettes and crack. I MUST have my writing fix each and every day whether it’s writing in a blog or a book.”

When asked why she feels so compelled to write, she replied, “I’m one of those crazy people who believe that writing is a great deal more fun and a lot cheaper than psychotherapy.”

Currently Joelle is living on a small oasis inside a tall fence somewhere off the beaten track in North Florida. She swears she lives in a dog house and the dogs allow her to live there.

Connect to Joelle on her blog and social media.


Thank you very much for dropping in today and it would be great if you could spread the word of Joelle’s new release as and as wide as possible. Thanks Sally

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