Smorgasbord Poetry – Dorothy Cronin (1949- 2006) One Day at a Time

It is 12 years since our family lost a dear and much loved mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend and my sister-in-law. Dorothy Cronin….She is missed.

Dorothy’s family were well aware of her many attributes but it only took a few minutes on meeting her, that these became apparent to others as well.

I was having a particularly stressful time in the late 1980s with my job and also settling back in to the UK after our two years in Texas. It was probably something to do with the weather, although we had a massive hurricane in October 1987 which definitely reminded us of Houston.

Dorothy was a source of common sense and understanding that helped me get back into the groove and I will always be grateful for her counsel.

One Day at a Time

One day at a time
I fall in love with you
Each day I fall
As if for the first time
Deeper in love.
Plunging to depths
Beyond which life and limb
Can survive,
Surfacing each night
Renewed, repaired
In the process
That links your life

© Dorothy Cronin – Rainbows in Amber – Moyhill Publishing 2007

About Dorothy Cronin by David Cronin

Dorothy was always a prolific writer, and in the introduction to an earlier collection she wrote … “As long as I can remember, words and the rhythms of speech have fascinated me. I was drawn early into reading poetry, but did not begin to write poetry until I was 13. I was instantly hooked, and, through dry and fertile periods, have remained so…” She has produced some wonderful work since then, and this collection holds just a few of these jewels.

In the year before her untimely death, in April 2006, Dorothy and I had discussed the publication of a collection of her poetry, and she was in the process of selecting poems and creating a number of short, themed groups for publication. Unfortunately, that process was cut short and we shall never know her final choices. However, this collection comes mainly from her own personal favourites.

I believe that anyone who reads these poems cannot fail to be moved: be it to tears, laughter or just a wry smile. They show a keen observation of the world she lived in; a profound insight into the people about her; the perception to find beauty in the simplest of things; and above all, the ability to encapsulate a moment of feeling in a package of words.

My one regret is that she is not here to see the impact that her words will have.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at some of the poetry of Dorothy Cronin. And I may share more later in the year.



Emer’s Song

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