Reviewing Books on Goodreads!

The focus for all of us who write books is pleasing our audience of readers. Their feedback is so important to keep our books in view of the buying public, which is why book reviewers are to be celebrated. Janice Spina reminds us that Amazon as a bookseller is not the only place to post reviews. Goodreads is owned by Amazon but at this point in time they seem to be leaving alone as far as their review policy is concerned. Which means that now we cannot post on any other Amazon country account other than our own, without spending $50…. posting a review to Goodreads means it can be read globally. This is particularly important for those readers who do not buy through Amazon but from other online bookstores or a physical bookshop. Please head over and read the rest of the post. thanks Sally



If you don’t use Goodreads yet, hurry over and check it out. It’s a wonderful place to read and review books, compare notes about books, pick up new reads, make friends and gain followers for your own books.

I have been using Goodreads since 2013 when I first became a published author and love it! Of course there was a learning curve and I made plenty of mistakes and still do at times! LOL! Sigh. But I keep plugging away as I do with everything in life.

The staff at Goodreads are helpful and accommodating when you do make bloopers. They know me by my first name now since I have had to request their assistance many times over. They are kind and follow up to make sure you understand what you think you are doing.

I am in the top 10% of Amazon Reviewers…

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11 thoughts on “Reviewing Books on Goodreads!

  1. I shall head over to read this. I always put reviews on Goodreads. I joined Goodreads as an author because we are all told to and they surely have a huge following of readers of the English language. I have never found Goodreads easy to negotiate and the two things I managed to figure out how to do were write blogs and do book reviews! It is a good way of keeping a record of what you have read.

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