North to Alaska: Shopping, Saloons, and Beer

After some time in the garden, it is time to head to Scagway on Tess Karlinski’s trip to Alaska (next week apparently there is a Polar Bear Dip!!) Anyway back to this week, and I am sure Tess won’t mind me mentioning that she popped in and out of rather a lot of bars in Scagway.. she maintains it was for historical research…….There was also a little retail therapy.. she has bought us all fridge magnets.. Anyway.. I will leave you to head over and enjoy this episode yourselves.

How the Cookie Crumbles

The open door of a large bar and grill is all Mary needed to take as an invitation to come inside for a sit and a tall one. A handful of thirsty patrons at scattered tables and at the bar looked up as we strolled in from the bright outdoors. Bottled domestic beer went for a reasonable $4.50 a bottle USD, whereas, draft sold for $6.00. We chose Denali Gold draft and sat at the bar. Mary sweet-talked the genial, young bartender into a glass of mixed nuts for munching. A handful more thirsty tourists wandered into the darkened interior. I hadn’t brought American dollars this trip, except for a credit card and wasn’t about to charge one glass. Thank goodness, Mary was flush with cash.

Rehydrated, we drifted into an interesting dress shop, or Mary did and I followed, but thank goodness, neither of us got caught up in…

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