Smorgasbord Health Column – Forget Crash Diets – Ease your body into that swimsuit this summer

Rather than a sudden rush to get ready for your holiday.. why not start now with a gentle and healthy weight loss. Starving your body into submission is not the answer.. but tweaking your existing diet and lifestyle is.

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It is that time of year when women’s and fitness magazines, begin to guarantee that you can have a bikini fit body in six weeks. To be honest, unless you are already quite slender, the chances of most of us getting into a bikini in six weeks, is not practical and in some cases, dangerous.

A lot of the celebrity diets will assure you that drastically reducing your calorie intake, and dropping one or two major food groups for six weeks, will do wonders for your figure. And it is true that starving your body for that period of time will usually result in weight loss.

However, although the thought of losing only 2lbs a week seems very sedentary and unlikely to achieve the results you require in such a short space of time, any more than that and you are creating a vicious cycle of weight loss and gain…

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