Sally’s Drive Time #Playlist – Music from the year I was 18 – HMS Belfast,Rod Stewart and Diana Ross

In the February of 1971 it was to be my all-important 18th birthday. My father who had retired officially from the navy in late January was able to pull off a very special treat to celebrate. His last job in the Royal Navy was as Staff Weapons Electrical Officer Bellerophon, which was the headquarters for Reserve Ships, based in HMS Belfast berthed alongside the shore establishment HMS Excellent.

HMS Belfast was also officially retired in January 1971 but it would be July before she was moved to her new berth and restoration on the Thames in London. My father wangled the use of the Captain’s Cabin on HMS Belfast before he left the ship for an early celebration of my 18th. I was permitted to talk to the chef and choose the menu. Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska. A wonderful memory.

Every time we go to London we always head to the river and say a quick hello to the ship and to my father….

So to the music of 1971 and there was still a very mixed bag in the top 10 of the day. Number one was Dawn with Knock Three Times followed by Rod StewartMaggie May (a hot favourite at the club I frequented on Tuesday and Thursday nights), TRex with Hot Love, George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord, The TamsHey Girl Don’t Bother Me, The Mixtures – Pushbike Song, Diana RossI’m Still Waiting (popular too on Tuesdays and Thursdays to end the night with!) The New SeekersNever Ending Song of Love and Judy Collins with Amazing Grace.

I still have a couple of these on my playlist today 47 years later, and since Rod Stewart is still going strong… here is Maggie May  with an extra acoustic intro…..and buy his music Rod Stewart Amazon

And that end of the evening final smoochy song…….Diana Ross – I’m Still Waiting and buy her music Diana Ross Amazon


As you will have noticed in the last few weeks I have been featuring your requests from the previous posts.

Please put a link to your favourite track that brings back memories in the comments section with a brief note to tell us why it is so important to you. In a few weeks I will be sharing more request shows.

Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful weekend.. Sally

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