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Welcome to the first of the author updates this week, and the first author with a recent review is Linda G. Hill for her book The Magician’s Curse : A Paranormal Romance – The Great Dagmaru Book 1.

About the book

When Herman Anderson leaves home to make a better life for herself, she doesn’t expect to meet a tall, dark stranger with whom she’ll fall hopelessly in love.

Charming and mysterious, Stephen Dagmar is a stage magician seeking an assistant. The moment he sets eyes on Herman, he knows she’s the one. He brings her home to his Victorian mansion where they embark upon an extravagant romance. Yet a shadow hangs over their love. Will the curse on his family end Stephen and Herman’s happily ever after, before it really begins?

Amidst lace and leather, innocence and debauchery, The Magician’s Curse begins the Gothic tale of The Great Dagmaru. Magic and romance await.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Well-paced and engaging  on April 13, 2018

A magician with special powers struggles with a curse that’s been in his family for generations. The main character, an almost 18-year-old girl who falls in love with him, has her own life turned upside down as she navigates his strange world.

It’s more romance-heavy than I typically read, but the unveiling of the mysterious magician’s story kept me turning the pages. The plot is well-paced and the characters are engaging. The book comes to a satisfying conclusion but also sets up the stage for book two. All in all an enjoyable read. 

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Also by Linda G. Hill

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The next author with recent reviews is Lyn Horner for Rescuing Lara (Romancing the Guardians Book1)

About the book

He vowed to save her . . . even from herself. It won’t be easy with killers on her trail and the past haunting her.

Lara Spenser guards one of seven prophetic scrolls held by the Council of Guardians. Now a band of killers are out to steal the scrolls. They murdered Lara’s uncle, the High Guardian, and left her seriously injured. She has since escaped to Ireland but knows the killers will find her. She desperately needs a bodyguard.

Enter Connor O’Shea, ex-Special Forces soldier. Conn is on leave in Ireland after a devastating explosion on his firefighting job. Out of curiosity, he answers Lara’s ad in the local newspaper for a “strong chauffeur”. He takes on the job of guarding her

Romance blooms between the two, but with Lara’s pursuers menacing them, the scene shifts to Texas. While Conn may prove his ability to protect her, can he rescue her from soul-deep pain that holds her prisoner?

One of the recent reviews.

Living under an alias in Ireland to escape the Hell-hounds and their evil master who conspired the car crash that killed her uncle and scarred her physically and emotionally, Lara Stevens has been given the responsibility of following in her uncle’s footsteps in this amazing supernatural story by the fabulous Lyn Horner, that starts the Romancing the Guardians series that’s sure to be a winner!

As she guards the ancient family heirloom with only an old housekeeper/carer, Una, for company, Lara must seek out someone who can be a bodyguard and driver, until she recovers enough to fulfill the mission entrusted to her by the family, by the centuries-old Conhairle or Council of Elders, of which her Uncle Malcolm was the High Guardian of the Scrolls of Danu.

Who does she hire for the new position? How else does he help her? Why is he in Ireland and for how long? Where does he live when not working on the oil-rigs? What did he do in the US Army? What is special about his mother Josefina? What is found in the burned-out ruins of Uncle Malcolm’s property? Why is it important to Lara? Who is Dev? How does he help his old friend/now enemy – and why? Where is Lara pursued by the Hell-hounds? Who is Milo? When Lara finally reveals the truth of who she is and what her secret mission involves you’ll be thrilled and as excited as Lara’s lover and protector, to whom she is bound by love forever!

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A selection of other books by Lyn Horner

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Delighted to share one of the recent reviews for Chuck Jackson’s latest book that was released in April – Guilt – My Companion – A Journey of Healing.

About Guilt – My Companion

Guilt—My Companion is a story based on the author’s strength and recovery from a dysfunctional family. It begins in the ‘60s during a period filled with social and personal injustice. It tells the struggle of his conscience against societies’ ignorance and prejudice. It follows his journey to recoup from personal tragedy and grief. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Live is a journey, not a destination.”.

But for this story, the journey is the destinations he took. It wasn’t where he intended, and he had little control of the paths he took. Along those paths were heartaches and defeat. He found deception, prejudice, and hate. Lay in waiting was his companion, guilt; the robber of personal pleasure. Follow his story and discover when he conquered guilt, there was nothing inhibiting his self-growth and happiness.

One of the recent reviews for the book

I happen to know Chuck Jackson, and I consider him a fine man and a wonderful friend. How he has turned out so well with the traumas and betrayals he has endured is a miracle. How he could even write this book is amazing. It is a page turner and reminds me of the book, UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand. It is difficult to imagine that a boy, growing into manhood could even survive what Chuck endured. Given the times we live in with abuse and harassment so pervasive, Guilt–My Companion, is a book of encouragement for those who are going through terrible times with a dysfunctional family, workplace abuse or especially for those who have been told they were worthless and won’t ever amount to anything. It is an account of suffering, struggle, hopelessness that turns out to be a story of a tough life with a beautiful outcome. Inspirational!

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Also by Chuck Jackson

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  2. Many thanks, Sally, for sharing this lovely review for Rescuing Lara! My publisher has made this book PERMA FREE to introduce readers to Romancing the Guardians. I hope it will tempt them to read the other books in the series. The series will conclude in A Mighty Chieftain, coming out later this year.


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