Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Meet the #Book #Reviewers – Chuck Jackson for Paul Kalanithi, Olga Nunez Miret for Guillermo Stitch and Robbie Cheadle for Teagan Riordain Geneviene.

Welcome to the post where I celebrate those who take the time to review books that we write. The other posts are usually focused on the authors and their reviews, so you are most welcome to contact me at with a link to your review on your blog or on Amazon. I will make every effort to feature you.. thanks Sally.

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The first author with a review of a book that sounds amazing is Chuck Jackson with his views on Finalist for the PulitzerWhen Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi. Here is an extract from Chuck’s post and I do recommend that you click the link to read more.

When I studied and enhanced my writing, I found successful writers’ advice was to expand my reading of books. I always have loved reading books, but it had been for relaxation and enjoyment. An escapism from career stress and life’s challenges. Now I have added another aspect to my reading. I am learning techniques, styles, and methods to gain writing credibility and reader’s attention.

If you are an avid reader, periodically you come across a book that talks to your psyche and leaves you emotionally moved. Sometimes it will be joyful, anger, or sadness. Whatever the emotion, it stays with you for days or months. I finished such a book and I want to share my feelings. If you haven’t read it yet, I wholehearted recommend you put it on your must-read list.

When Breath Becomes Air details Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s life as a neurosurgeon and his fight against advanced lung cancer. Yet it goes beyond his struggles, it challenges us to look at our own mortality and contemplate the way we look at our life. Does our life have the significance that will continue after we are gone? Did we spend our days, months and years on meaningless self-serving ambitions?

Dr. Kalanithi writing talent is formidable and belongs alongside the best authors of our time. Often I had to reread a passage to make sure I understood its deep meaning. What astounded me most was his desire to understand death and its respective placement in life. He felt it would enhance his career if he could help his terminal patients handle their mortality and convey the meaning of death

Please head over to Chuck’s website to read the rest of the review:  Review When Breath Becomes Air

Chuck is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore

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Website Blog:

The next reviewer is Olga Nunez Miret who  has a regular feature on Tuesdays. This week a novella by a new author Guillermo Stitch – Literature

An extract from Olga’s Review for the book.. please follow the link to read the rest..

Today I bring you a book that is due for release early next month (the first of July) but is already available in preorder, and as there is a Goodreads giveaway you can access here, if you live in the USA, I thought I’d share it ahead of time, so you can be prepared. I hope to read more books by this new author, and I wonder if there will be more books about this very peculiar world he introduces us to in this novella.

I write this review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team (author, check here if you’re looking for reviews) and thank Rosie and the author for providing me an ARC copy of this novella, which I freely chose to review.

It is difficult to describe the reading experience of Literature. I have read reviews comparing it to noir novels (absolutely, especially the voice of the characters and some of the situations), to Fahrenheit 451 (inevitable due to the plot, where fiction has been banned and nobody can possess or read books) and 1984 (although we don’t get a lot of detail of the way the world is being run, the sense of claustrophobia and continuous surveillance, and the way terrorism is defined are definitely there), and even Blade Runner (perhaps, although Literature is far less detailed and much more humorous). I did think about all of those while I read it, is true, although it is a pretty different experience to all of them.

Billy Stringer is a mixture of the reluctant hero and the looser/anti-hero type. The novella shares only one day of his life, but, what a day! Let’s say it starts badly (things hadn’t been going right for Billy for a while at the point when we meet him) and it goes downhill from there. The story is told in the third-person but solely from Billy’s point of view, and we are thrown right in. There is no world-building or background information. We just share in Billy’s experiences from the start, and although he evidently knows the era better than we do, he is far from an expert when it comes to the actual topic he is supposed to cover for his newspaper that day. He is a sports journalist covering an important item of news about a technological/transportation innovation. We share in his confusion and easily identify with him. Apart from the action, he is involved in, which increases exponentially as the day moves on, there are also flashbacks of his past. There is his failed love story, his friendship with his girlfriend’s brother, and his love for books.

Read the entire post and review: Literature by Guillermo Stitch – Revew by Olga Nunez Miret

Olga Nunez Miret is also in the Cafe and Bookstore.

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Please visit Olga’s blog or Amazon to view all her books


The third reviewer today is Robbie Cheadle who has enjoyed The Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story by Teagan Riordain Geneviene.

Here is an extract from Robbie’s post.

Teagan Geneviene is an amazing writer and has an incredible blog where she shares highly entertaining episodes of her latest “pantser” story. Here is a link to a recap of her latest story, Hullaba-lulu

The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story has a little bit of everything in it – a touch of a romance or two, stolen goods, a kidnapping, a gang of ruthless men and a satisfactory ending. Teagan manages to achieve all of this in a well written and interesting way based on three word prompts provided by readers of her blog each week. I am frankly quite incredulous that a writer can weave three prompts into each episode and still come out with a story that makes perfect sense, entertains and flows. This approach has the added appeal of resulting in quite a unique story line.

Head over and read the entire post and the review: Robbie Cheadle – Review Teagan Geneviene – Three Things Serial

Teagan Geneviene is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore

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Robbie Cheadle is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore

Robbie Cheadle, Buy:


Thank you for dropping in today.. and if you have recently reviewed a book, then please let me know so I can feature both you and the author.. Thanks Sally (

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  2. Thank you for sharing my review, Sally. I do appreciate it. When breath becomes air must be very interesting, written from a doctor’s point of view. I think it must be worse for a doctor to become chronically ill – ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

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