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There have been some interesting articles in the last week on hot topics such as Influenza immunity and prostate cancer.. I will share an excerpt from the posts and do suggest that you head over and read. I found the first one on influenza immunity and also its relevance for cancer treatment very interesting.

How to Improve Your Immune Function by Boosting Natural Killer Cells

  • Natural killer (NK) cells are a specific type of white blood cell. They’re an important component of your cell-mediated (innate) immune system and are involved in both viral diseases and cancer
  • NK cells are cytotoxic; they induce apoptosis (programmed cell death), which destroys the virus along with the infected cell
  • NK cells — which are not antigen-specific — contain the infection while your adaptive, humoral immune response generates T cells containing antigen-specific cytotoxins to clear the infection
  • KLRD1 is a receptor gene found on the surface of NK cells, and the level of KLRD1 found in a person’s blood prior to exposure to the influenza virus can predict whether that individual would contract the flu with 86 percent accuracy

People whose immune cells consisted of 10 to 13 percent NK cells remained disease free after exposure to the flu virus, whereas those below 10 percent became ill

Natural killer (NK) cells, a specific type of white blood cell, are an important component of your innate immune system. Your immune system consists of two different branches — cell-mediated immunity (innate) and humoral immunity (adaptive). When you contract a viral disease, the pathogen enters your body and infects your cells.

The subsequent disease process involves your cell-mediated immune response, which activates your NK cells, along with chemicals that attract them to the site of infection, where the white blood cells basically chew up and spit out the infected cells. This process clears the virus and rejuvenates the gel-like water inside your cells.

During recovery, your humoral immune system kicks in and starts generating antibodies against the virus to help prevent the same kind of disease process and symptoms from occurring again, should you be exposed to the same virus later on. As long as your cell-mediated immune system is activated first and the humoral immune system is activated second, you will have long-lasting immunity against that pathogen.

On a side note, naturally acquired herd immunity in a population comes into play when a very high percentage of individuals have gone through this sequence of cell-mediated and humoral immune response. This sequence is not followed during vaccination, which is why vaccine-induced “herd immunity” is a misnomer.
NK Cells Protect Against Viral Disease and Tumors

NK cells are involved in both viral disease and diseases such as cancer and autoimmune conditions. As explained in one 2008 paper on the functions of NK cells:1

Please head over and find out more on how to boost your natural immunity with specific foods and moderate exercise: Dr. Mercola – How to improve your immunity against Influenza and Cancer

Here is my post with some more strategies and preventative measures:

Revolutionary ‘magic bullet’ for prostate cancer: Treatment cured the disease in patients given just weeks to live

  • Six out of 10 patients are is remission one year after undergoing the treatment
  • Therapy uses a molecule that attaches to tumours and destroys them
  • Researchers believe the treatment has potential in brain and kidney cancers
  • Prostate cancer affects around 47,000 new men every year in the UK
  • The disease kills approximately 19 men per 100,000 annually in the US

How does the treatment work?

The new treatment use chemically-engineered molecules known as prostate specific membrane antigens.

These molecules, described as a ‘trojan horse’, ‘trick’ their way inside cancer cells.

Once in the cells, the molecule release nuclear energy, which destroys tumours.

The researchers carried out the trial on 30 men with prostate cancer that had spread, giving them just weeks or months to live.

To read more about this amazing breakthrough: Daily Mail – Potential magic bullet for Prostate Cancer

Constipation is one of those conditions that we are all reluctant to talk about…. however the billion dollar industry that supplies laxatives has no problem talking at you about the problem and recommending their numerous products!

There are a number of natural foods that not only have the same effect but also help avoid repeated episodes by restoring the balance of flora in the intestines. Prunes, a teaspoon of olive oil, a couple of cups of coffee (the oil in coffee works quickly). However, the latest food to be the subject of research is the mango…

Mangos help promote gut health

Eating mangos found to be more effective in relieving constipation and reducing intestinal inflammation than comparable amount of fiber

Next time you suffer from constipation, you may want to consider grabbing a mango instead of reaching for a fiber supplement, suggests a new Texas A & M University pilot study published in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. The researchers found that mango, which contains a combination of polyphenols and fiber, was more effective than an equivalent amount of fiber powder in relieving constipation – a chronic digestive condition that affects an estimated 20 percent of Americans.

“Our findings suggest that mango offers an advantage over fiber supplements because of the bioactive polyphenols contained in mangos that helped reduce markers of inflammation and change the make-up of the microbiome, which includes trillions of bacteria and other microbes living in our digestive track,” said corresponding author Susanne U. Mertens-Talcott, an associate professor in the department of nutrition and food science at Texas A & M University. “Fiber supplements and laxatives may aid in the treatment of constipation, but they may not fully address all symptoms, such as intestinal inflammation.”

To read the rest of the article please go to : EurekAlert – Mango and Constipation

I hope that you have found this useful and please do head over and read the full articles. Thanks Sally


11 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health Column – Health in the News – Natural Influenza immunity, Prostate Cancer breakthrough, Mangoes and Gut Health

  1. Sal, some amazing info here! I do understand about the NK cells as I did some research myself years ago when I was researching natural supplements to build up my immune system to get off the horrid pills for my Crohn’s disease, which gratefully are still working to help me live pill-free. But this treatment sounds amazing to save men with prostate cancer. Is it available yet in the UK? And I wonder if they will find out how to make that work for other cancers! And fascinating to learn about the mango effect. Next year in Mexico I will be sure to give ‘Mango man’ on the beach some business! 🙂 ❤ xx

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