Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday June 27th 2018 – Robbie Cheadle, Terri Webster Schrandt and Paddy Cummins

Welcome to today’s look at some of the interesting, informative and entertaining posts that I have read. Sorry not enough room to include everyone but rest assured you all provide a huge amount of distraction!!

The first post I would like to share is from Robbie Cheadle who is hosting Geoff Le Pard.  Talking about cooking with his mother and also his new release – Apprenticed to my Mother.. Here is a snippet… enjoy and then please head over to read the entire post.

Guestpost – Geoff Le Pard and cooking with Mother

Geoff Le Pard writes some of the most wickedly humerous flash fiction stories I have ever read. If you have not visited Geoff’s blog you are really missing out. You can read one of Geoff’s pieces here and see for yourself:

Michael and I are delighted to have Geoff over for a visit to tell us about his Mother and his new book: Apprenticed to my Mother.

Geoff le Pard

Geoff le Pard

My mother had strong opinions about motherhood, one of which was that when my brother and I left home, we would possess a range of skills that would stand us in good stead for the future. A large part of that motivation was my father, and specifically the fact he lacked any of what my mother considered to be basic skills. ‘I will not be able to look any of your girlfriends in the eye if I let you loose on an unsuspecting world as poorly prepared as your father.’

So it was that my brother and I were taught to cook. Back in the 1960s a boy’s education would include woodworking and TD – technical drawing – but never domestic science. It wasn’t an option even.

She knew she had to overcome several hurdles. One was that my brother was something of a fussy eater. The other day I found a letter he wrote home from University, during his first term in Bristol. ‘I hope to be home next weekend,’ he wrote, ‘so could you make sure you get in some celery and hot chocolate powder’.

Head over and read the rest of the post:

Both Robbie and Geoff are authors in the Cafe and Bookstore

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71oYPlm6ZdL._UX250_My father and other liars v 4

Terri Webster Schrandt​ asks Where was the last place you felt like a tourist? Some popular destinations love to hate the influx of tourists in the high season, often forgetting it is what keeps the economy healthy.. Also I know from experience you can live on the doorstep of amazing tourist attractions and not visit them yourself! Head over and enjoy the photographs and leave your views.

Tourists gather on the beach in Coronado

The last week in June finds the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge exploring the theme “tourist.”

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere sees an abundance of tourists.

We all think we know who tourists are, but did you know that YOU are a tourist? Any time you step out of your locale, you become a tourist.

“Stop hating the tourist—after all, tourists are just us in other locations.” Dr. Greg Shaw

Tourism can be defined as the act of travel for the purpose of recreation, and the provision of services for this act.

Head over and read the rest of the post and contribute your views :

Sherri Webster Schrandt is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore.



Now a little nostalgia for me.. In the early 80s I worked in the Lake District and lived up there three days a week. Part of my job was to promote the crystal glass works as a tourist attraction so I would go around all the other tourist hotspots to leave leaflets. It is a wonderful part of the UK and would happily live there. Author Paddy Cummins shares the life and homes of William Wordsworth in the villages of Grasmere and Rydal. Lovely gentle post about a time long gone but not forgotten.

Wordsworth’s two homes, Grasmere and Rydal Mount by Paddy Cummins

Image Paddy Cummins.

The area of the Lakes around the little villages of Grassmere and Rydal is where William Wordsworth (1770-1850) described as “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found”. Starting at the churchyard where Wordsworth is buried, you pass Dove Cottage, his Grasmere home, and follow a path to Rydal known as the “coffin route”. Like other “coffin routes” around Britain, it was used to carry bodies from a parish that didn’t have a burial ground to one that did. When you reach Rydal church on the walk, you will see that it has no graveyard. Also in Rydal you see Wordsworth’s other main residence, Rydal Mount, before returning along a path with great views of Grasmere.

Please head over and enjoy the rest of the post and photographs:

I hope you will head over and enjoy these posts as much as I did… thanks Sally


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