Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You with Darlene Foster.

Welcome to Getting to Know You where guests have the option of 52 questions to allow us to find out more about them. The quirky, the secrets and the reasons how they have ended up here today… Too deep?? These interviews are turning out to be a lot of fun… for me too and if you would like to participate here are the details and also the previous interviews.

Guests so far this season John Rieber, Ritu Bhathal, The Militant Negro, Balroop Singh, Carol Taylor, Lucinda E. Clarke, Billy Ray Chitwood, D.Wallace Peach, Annette Rochelle Aben, John. W. Howell and D.G. Kaye.

My guest today is children’s author Darlene Foster who is also an avid traveler of the world. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Spain. Apart from her series of books starring Amanda and her travels, Darlene also writes detailed and very interesting travel posts on her blog… and occasionally here in the Posts from the Archives Series.  I will share her books and most recent review later in the post, but here is the official word on my guest.

About Darlene Foster

Darlene Foster is a writer, an employment counsellor, an ESL tutor for children, a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves travel, shoes, cooking, reading, sewing, chocolate, music, the beach and making new friends. Her 13-year-old grandson called her “super-mega-woman-supreme”.

She was brought up on a ranch near Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she dreamt of traveling the world and meeting interesting people. She currently divides her time between the west coast of Canada and the Costa Blanca in Spain, with her husband Paul.

“Amanda in Arabia-The Perfume Flask” was her first published novel. Once bitten by the travel bug, Amanda travels to other interesting places, sticking her nose in other people’s problems and getting herself in trouble. Read “Amanda in Spain – The Girl in the Painting”, “Amanda in England – The Missing Novel”, “Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone”, and “Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music” and “Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind”  to find out the adventures Amanda has as she travels the world.

Time to discover which of the questions Darlene has selected.

Welcome Darlene and can you tell us what is your favourite childhood song and why?

My favourite childhood song is You Are My Sunshine because my dad used to sing it to me when I was a little girl. It always made me feel so happy and loved. I have fond memories of singing it together as we rattled along the dusty prairie roads in the pickup truck. Although Dad has been gone for almost eleven years, I still cry when I hear this song as I miss him so much. There are many versions of this song but I’m sharing this one as it reminds me most of my cowboy dad, who was also a big fan of Gene Autry.

If you could be any action hero, who would it be?

That would have to be the remarkable Wonder Woman. She is tall, gorgeous, funny and smart. A powerful, strong-willed, self-assured woman, who does not back down from a challenge. However, she is diplomatic, prefers peace and would never look for a fight or escalate a conflict. She’s fierce and at the same time nurturing. Wonder Woman is a born warrior who has the genuine compassion and understanding of a true humanitarian. Her natural confidence, strong leadership skills and intelligence, makes her a great role model. And she can sure rock that outfit! Yes, I would want to be Wonder Woman.

Sally here: This is the trailer for the Wonder Woman film released in 2017.. I can recommend the movie.. plenty of action. I am sure not a patch on you Darlene…..

What was the one thing you could never learn how to do no matter how hard you tried?

There are two things, one is milking a cow. My dad tried his hardest to teach me but I never got the hang of it. I didn´t really like hanging around the barn anyway and preferred being in the kitchen with mom, cooking and baking. The other thing I never learned is to type. I didn´t take it in school as I chose to take matriculation courses. Later I enrolled in not one but two adult education courses. But, like milking a cow, I couldn´t seem to catch on. I have, however, managed just fine through life without learning to milk a cow or to type.

If animals could talk, which one would you have a conversation with?

My darling dog, Dot. I would just love to have a chat with her and I´m quite sure she would enjoy talking to me. It would be a most entertaining conversation although it would probably centre around food. She is quite obsessed with food and has quite good taste. Perhaps she could tell me what food she likes best. I know she prefers homemade over store bought. I would also love to learn more about her life before us. I have conversations with her now, and although she appears to be listening, she is unable to respond. A good conversation is best if both parties speak.

If you only had two minutes to get out of your house, what would you grab?

Without question it would be my dog! When I was a child, I always answered this question with, “My books.” I had a plan that if there was ever a fire, I would open my bedroom window and throw out my books (the bookshelf was beside the window in my bedroom), then I would jump out. Since I was on the ground floor there was no concerns about me hurting myself. Mom once asked if I would not be more concerned about saving my younger brothers. I’m afraid I had to think about that. My books have always been very precious to me. They have now been replaced in order of importance by Dot.

Now to find out more about Darlene’s books and her most recent review.

Amanda In New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind.

About the book

Amanda Ross is on a school trip to Taos, New Mexico with several of her fellow creative students. Join Amanda, Cleo and their funny friend, Caleb, as they visit an ancient and beautiful landscape where a traditional hacienda, an ancient pueblo, and a haunted and spooky hotel all hold secrets to a wild and violent past. Does Cleo really see ghosts? Can Amanda escape the eerie wind that follows her everywhere? Perhaps the Day of the Dead will reveal the mysteries of Taos in this latest adventure of Amanda’s travels.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind finds student Amanda Ross on a school trip in Taos, New Mexico. While there, her classmate Cleo thinks she sees ghosts. Amanda feels anxious too, sensing that something or someone is watching her. An engaging adventure ensues during their visit to the Land of Enchantment in this sixth book in the fun and educational series for early middle grade readers. 5/5

Read the reviews and buy the book:

and Amazon UK:

A selection of other books by Darlene Foster

Read the reviews and buy all of Darlene’s books:

and Amazon UK:

Read more reviews and follow Darlene on Goodreads:

Connect to Darlene via her website and social media.


I hope you have discovered a little more about Darlene and I am sure that she would love to receive your comments and answer any questions you might have. Thanks Sally


120 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You with Darlene Foster.

  1. Lovely interview. I managed to learn to type by myself (well, with a book) and it’s one of the most useful skills I have, to be honest. If I ever find the book I used I’ll send it to Darlene! It’s never too late (never tried milking a cow but it does look difficult).:)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I know quite a bit about Darlene, but your insightful questions revealed the more quirky side. I’d like to know more about her childhood in Alberta even though she reveals some of the setting in her Amanda book. Maybe one day she’ll write a memoir, as Mary has suggested.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were favourites in our house and I was named after Dale Evans (my middle name is Dale) Of course my favourite cowboy was my dad!!


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  4. You gotta love a woman who would save her dog and her books over anything else! 😀 So nice to learn more about Darlene, and I was touched by her memories of dad singing to her as they drove along. Thanks for a lovely post, Sally and Darlene. Sharing!! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Good to know, we have something in common… I cannot milk a cow either! God Bless you. Typing class wasn’t all is was cracked up to be, you really didn’t miss anything. LOVE your doggy, Dot, what a charmer. Looking forward to the book you write of your conversations with her. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Nice to know you Darlene. Thanks to Sally for this weekly feature, love you Sally. I appreciate your love for books and your Dot. Thankfully we don’t have to rush out, I would grab my handbag, with my kindle and iPad in it. 🙂 How addicted we are to these devices!!

    Liked by 2 people

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  9. Great interview, Sally, and Darlene. I always wanted to travel more when I retired. It didn’t happen and now I don’t have the desire. Looking back at your childhood and the song you selected brought back a childhood memory of my own. I have a picture taken in 1948 of me sitting on Santa’s lap. The Santa happened to be Gene Autry.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Fantastic interview with Darlene. I was amazed to hear you couldn’t type Darlene, Look at you a multi author typing with 2 fingers like many men do. Funny how we manage to adapt and continue on.
    I am grateful I took typing from junior high on, as I had plenty of secretarial jobs and typing 90 words per minute has come in awful handy. 🙂 x

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Thanks for introducing us to Darlene. This was a wonderful interview and I loved Darlene’s answers. I sang “You are My Sunshine” to my children and continue to do so with my grandchildren. I can type but have never milked a cow, though I would love to live on a farm with lots of barns, fields, and farm animals. I had to laugh when Darlene talked about what she would save if she only had a couple minutes to get out. I think she should have a long talk with her dog – they understand much more than we give them credit for. Her books sound wonderful and since my favorite books are children’s books, I’ll have to check them out. Love and Hugs, dear friend.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. A lovely interview and I don’t know if I would have saved my sisters ..Books v Sisters a hard one that at that age anyway…Milk a cow I can ..Type I never had any desire to learn that skill and although my typing isn’t whatever the correct term is… I cope so that’s ok with me…. Great to get to know you better Darlene 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Great interview and wonderful questions! I love that song as well and it was a nice morning tune to listen to! I was surprised you can’t type! How do you do your books? I took typing in high school and it has served me well over the years. In fact I was a typesetter for the college newspaper in order to earn money to buy Chris’s wedding band. It was not always the most fun because I could not see what I was typing and didn’t know what mistakes I had made till they pieced it all together. Ugh. But I got better and better at it and made it through okay in the end. Great interview! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Beth Ann! I am a surprisingly fast two-finger typist. I also could never learn to play the piano so it must be a hand coordination thing for me. Without the advent of the computer, I doubt I would have written 7 books as it is so easy to fix any mistakes now. I’m sure you did a great job as a typesetter. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I bet you were your dad’s sunshine every day, Darlene. What a darling interview. So you never learned how to milk a cow, huh? Count me in there with you, although I must admit, I never had any lessons on it. I’m more shocked that you never learned how to type!! All of your books are written long hand then? And you hire a typist? Ah, the things we learn through wonderful interviews like Sally’s. xo

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I love these “getting to know you” posts, Sally. Hi Darlene! No typing, huh? That was the only class I took in high school that I’m thankful for. Lol. And I was touched by your comments about your dad and “You are my Sunshine.” It’s amazing how music is so intensely connected to certain places, times, or people. A lovely share all around. Hugs to all, including Dot. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Hi Darlene and Sally, A great interview, as usual. Luckily, I already know Darlene and Dot as we have our Saturday breakfasts in the same cafe by the sea at Playa Flamenca. Both are very well behaved!! We, Darlene and I, also belong to the same writing group Writers Ink. Keep those Amanda series coming…! See you with a biscuit next week, Dot! xx

    Liked by 2 people

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