Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You with Traci Kenworth

Welcome to Getting to Know You and this week my guest is Traci Kenworth who is incredibly supportive of the blogging community and has regularly shared posts from here in her comprehensive blog post promotions. If you head over to her blog you will find several shared posts a day leading to some of our most interesting bloggers. She also has her own posts on blogging and writing tips.

Traci lives in Northeast Ohio with her son and daughter and four cats. She writes YA Fantasy, Scary, and Historical Romances and is a a member of YAFF (Young Adult Fiction Fantatics). As you will see from Traci’s interview, there have been some dark and challenging times in her life, and she credits writing and her faith as being instrumental in giving her purpose and helping her move forward.

The heroines that she writes about are created from those times and are survivors surrounded by those that they love.

I want to give others hope, and a way back when they think everything is lost.”

She is currently working on her finished books and hopes to publish soon. Traci contributed the story ‘Linked’ to the anthology edited by Mary Blowers.

One of the reviews for the anthology

This is a special collection. Combining a variety of authors and works. Mostly poems and short stories that are written with the reader in mind. The author’s in this collection want to give the reader a feeling of being emotionally touched and they have succeeded. Although the title infers dreams and vision the reader will also a find a section of nightmares. My personal favorite! No matter what you like this showcase will let readers find a variety of great artists with wonderful tales that may bring out the goosebumps and lift the spirits. The collection is well put together and one readers will want to have handy to read again and again!

You can buy the anthology of 38 poems and stories here: Amazon US  and Amazon UK

Now time to find out which of the 52 questions Traci has selected to answer today.

Welcome Traci and can you let us know what is your favourite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday would be Halloween. I like the character of it, I think. It’s all dress up and scares. Nothing serious, mind you! I just like the costumes, the parties, the treats, the feeling that you’re sharing in the fun with everybody. My family puts on their own private party with Witch’s Brew complete with hand ice sculpture, Spider cupcakes, Eyeball cookies, and bloody tacos. There’s various other treats and food but that’s all I can think of at the moment, lol.

It’s not just the food though, it’s followed by/with a Halloween Marathon where we watch scary movies. We use a hat to see which one gets picked. The event usually lasts 24hrs. and we do it on days the kids have off, so we don’t have to worry about getting up the next morning too early.

Sally here: I hope this gives all of you a bit of a fright….. and will be added to Traci’s next 24 hour Halloween Marathon.

If you only had two minutes to get out of your house, what would you grab?

I would grab my flash drives as they contain my works. My computer is too big to carry but I could replace that if I had to. I would also take my photos. I have so precious few of them. More from the times after we moved here, just stacks and stacks of things. I saved a LOT of the projects my kids did in school. I have treasure-holds of boxes with everything. So, if I could manage to carry just a few of them if nothing else that would be awesome. I’d take my purse, of course. First, for the phone, then all the important stuff it holds. I would like to take my fire safe box but that should survive, hopefully. Oh, and of course, my cats! I’d have to keep them in my car until help arrived since I only have two carriers and four of them. Yeah, I need to get more carriers!

Knowing now, what you didn’t know then, what would you have done differently?

Another hard one. I could pick so many things I wish I’d done differently but the truth is, they would’ve changed me if I did. I might not have had my two wonderful children if I risked not meeting my ex or going through the abuse that we did.

I think one thing, I would pick for sure though: would be college. I only got to go for a year-and-a-half. I couldn’t drive at that point and so transferring to a school closer to home wasn’t an option. That would be number two on the change list: driving sooner. It opens the world for you and had I not known how to drive when the abuse cycle came to its climax, well, I don’t want to think what would’ve happened. I thank God that my aunt left me a car just before things started going sideways. But back to why I’d say college: a better job, more choices. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten hurt at work and ended up on disability after PTSD and the bipolar triggered.

What is one thing (moral or practical) your grandparent taught you how to do that you still do today?

My grandpa taught me how important family is and that you always take care of each other. My mom has passed on this tradition as well. If one of us needs help from the other, we ask. My family was extremely supportive of me and the kids when they found out about my ex, what was going on, what we’d been through. They let me stay at their house, took me places, went to court with me. I can’t thank them enough for that. We share holidays together and spend time with each other when we can. Some of us live closer than others. I had to call on my brother to help us with the lawn this year and I’m grateful he’s able to do so.

If animals could talk, which one would you have a conversation with?

This is a hard one because I love a lot of different animals but the one I guess I’d pick is cats. They are always so mysterious and contemplating things. I would like to know their opinion on things. Do they like their food, really? Why do they like a plain cardboard box versus expensive beds? What do they really think of us? Ah, but that one might backfire on me, lol. What if they just tolerate us for the food? If they could take care of themselves and didn’t need us would they still stick around? Yes, I’d love to know these questions and more.

Sally here: I managed to find a video of some conversations between cats and their humans and it is quite clear to me that the cats are making themselves understood loud and clear.

Lovely to have Traci over today and make her the star for a change. I hope you have enjoyed and will follow her blog and on social media. Please say hello and we look forward to your comments. Thanks Sally.

Connect to Traci.


If you would like to read some of the previous interviews and participate here is the link and I am booking for September at the moment. This might be useful if you have a book being released or a special event of some kind that you would like to promote:


53 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Sunday Interview – Getting to Know You with Traci Kenworth

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  2. Hey Traci, we’ll have to get you up here on Halloween so you and my sister can have a grand time. SHE is so into Halloween, I am surprised she doesn’t take a week off in order to do it proper. Love that you would want to talk to cats, they are such fabulous little energies, aren’t they. ❤

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  3. How wonderful to learn more about Traci. She made me laugh at the things she would need to grab if she only had two minutes to get out of the house. It made me think of the scene in the movie “The Jerk” where Steve Martin is saying, “All I need is….” and he kept getting more stuff. 🙂

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  5. It’s lovely to get to know more about Traci. I think authors who write fantasy and horror, really any speculative fiction, must be big fans of Halloween. Me too, Traci. I’m sorry to learn about the abuse in your past, but I’m glad you’re satisfied with where you are today, a place you wouldn’t be if you’d taken a different path. ❤ Wishing you both a wonderful day and Happy Writing!

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