Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 17th July 2018 – The Story Reading Ape, Linda Bethea and Christy D. Birmingham

Welcome to a small selection of blog posts I have enjoyed in the last couple of days.

The first post is from The Story Reading Ape and his guest author Jaq D. Hawkins with her thoughts on writer’s block and some strategies to over come that inability to get the words onto a page.

What makes me a writer is the need to write. It’s an incessant driving force characterised by a series of scenes from stories constantly animating through my mind. Not just one, I always have several stories playing out in my head. So when articles come out talking about what to do when you get writer’s block, I wonder how that can work with a host of characters continually clamouring for attention in a creative mind.

We’ve all faced the blank page. There are times when words flow quickly and other times when they take a little more plumbing, but once an idea has manifested, the words to express it fully exist somewhere in the aether, we just have to access them. Sometimes they can be elusive and the person who panics will hit a block.

Take an article like this for example. What could a person who doesn’t suffer from writer’s block possibly have to say about it? Well, the answer is in the question. As soon as you ask a question, it creates a void that must be filled with an answer, or at least another question. In this case, WHYdon’t I suffer from writer’s block?

Having given that question some thought, my analysis is that:

Head over and read and check out what Jaq’s analysis is:

Next it is time to catch up with A Hog Day Part 19 by Linda Bethea… a wonderfully irreverent look at the downside of getting your own way and thwarting your father…

Between the two of us, Billy and I complained bitterly about having to march in like a row of ducks to line the pew every Sunday. No other kids our age sat with their parents. We looked like real doofuses. It was a social disaster. Finally, I decided I’d have to work up the nerve to ask permission to sit somewhere else. After the super ball incident, there was no way Billy would ever bring up that topic again. I knew I had to approach the subject delicately or there would be big trouble. At our house, a question could reap consequences as serious as an actual sin. It showed intent. I suppose it followed the same principle as “having lust in your heart.” Not only that, but whenever Daddy got news that a neighborhood kid had done something horrible, We got a preemptive lecture, just because. “Your FRIEND, Eddie, was smoking and burned down the preacher’s barn last night. THAT’s why I don’t let you …….”. It didn’t matter that I’d never spoken two words to Eddie and despised smoking, only Daddy’s total dedication to lecturing and haranguing kept me on the straight and narrow. But for his rigid control, I’d have been smoking, drinking, and fornicating on the back pew every Sunday.

Head over and read the rest of this entertaining post:

Linda Bethea is an author in the bookstore.

Linda Bethea, Buy:

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And my third selection today is a post from Christy Birmingham on the subject of improving your relationships. I have been married for 38 years and am only too aware of how easily habit and familiarity can sometimes make you complacent. We still have surprises in our relationship.. good ones. And we laugh a lot which is great. We also know when something is wrong. Apparently I stop talking! Anyway we could all use a refresh from time to time, and Christy has five empowering suggestions.

5 Empowering Ways To Improve Your Relationship

To achieve a successful relationship, it is essential that you are willing to put the work in. If you are going to avoid getting set in your ways, you will need to have an open mind about what the future holds. Rather than putting up with the negative aspects of your pairing, you should be striving for more. There are so many empowering ways for you to improve your relationship, so there is no need to hold back. Working together, you and your partner can create a wonderful union that is positive, fulfilling, and enjoyable. It will require a substantial amount of time and effort, but eventually, you will get there. Below are 5 tips to help improve your relationship.

Boost your confidence and encourage your partner to do the same

The first tip is to boost your confidence, whilst encouraging your partner to do the same. This is an excellent way for you to strengthen your relationship. Instead of relying on your loved one for an endless amount of support and praise, you will find it easier to know your own worth. Of course, it will still be nice to receive compliments from your other half, but you will no longer be dependent on this kind of attention. That is why you should endeavor to overcome your insecurities until you have successfully enhanced your self-esteem.

Help your loved one to work through their own insecurities too. Perhaps they feel terrible about their weight. Why not assist them in getting fit and active? Or, maybe they are troubled by hair loss. Why not go online to review options that could be suitable?

Head over and read the rest of the post and find out more strategies to give your relationship a boost in an empowering way:

Christy is an author in the bookstore.

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and explore these posts further.


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