Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 19th July 2018 – Jan Sikes, Becky Ross Michael and Julie de Rohan.

Welcome to a small selection of blog posts that I have read in the last couple of days that I thought you might to explore further.

The first is from author Jan Sikes with a reminder that beauty is skin deep and that perhaps when we see perfection we are missing a great deal unless we see with not just our eyes but our heart. There might be the odd narcissist who think they are perfect but us mere mortals are sometimes overly conscious of what we perceive to be short comings. Head over to Jan’s and discover a different perspective that is much closer to the truth.


Seeing through the eyes of the heart by Jan Sikes.

We all have filters that affect the way we view different people, situations, and circumstances in life.

And, when the Universe sends me a message in multiple forms, I take it as a sign that it is something I need to pay attention to. And that is the case with the title of today’s blog.

Listening to the radio yesterday, I heard a song that caught my ear. The man was singing about two lovers and the lyrics went like this: “He didn’t see her through his eyes, he saw her through the eyes of his heart…”

I loved that line.

Our physical eyes are very related to our conditioned or filtered thoughts. You’ve heard the saying, “Seeing is believing.” But this is actually totally inaccurate. Instead, scientists have discovered that ‘Believing is seeing.” We only see what we believe we are seeing. Our conditioned thoughts filter and re-arrange what we see to fit our beliefs.

Head over and read the rest of Jan’s thought provoking and motivational post:

Jan Sikes is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore.

Jan Sikes, Buy:

The next post resonated with me as we have moved several times and been the recipients of unexpected bounty. In our last home in Madrid I found a box on top of a fitted unit in a bedroom which contain samplers which were easily 100 years old, clearly passed on from mother to daughter.

In this post Becky Ross Michael of Platform Number 4, shares her discovery of a notebook full of recipes..

Recipe Notebook from the Past by Becky Ross Michael

Laurium HouseVintage photo of unknown neighbors and what years later would become my home. The border is formed from wallpaper recovered within the kitchen walls!

Decades ago, my former husband and I bought a fixer-upper home that had been built around 1900 in a small town of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The house needed tons of work, and we basically lived upstairs while we began remodeling the first floor. When I say “we,” I mean mainly that he did the carpentry, and I cleaned up during and after the work was completed.

Since the kitchen was on the first floor and needed to be functional as soon as possible, that room was one of the priorities. While taking out the drawers in the kitchen for painting and new hardware, a small notebook was found jammed into the deep, dark depths of a cabinet. The booklet’s pages were somewhat discolored, and the brown, waxed cover bore the words “Memorandum Book.”

Head over to Becky’s and discover more about the contents of the notebook:

Now for those of us (and in the long distant past I definitely fell into this category) who take on the emotions of others, to the point that we work our way through a tin of Quality Street. This post is by  Julie de Rohan who is a UK psychotherapist working exclusively with clients struggling with overeating issues.

Why Do We Need To Let Other People Own Their Feelings? by Julie de Rohan

Very helpful and will certainly give you something to think about…… as you reach out for that purple wrapped nutty chocolate…or two.

You’re about to send an email and you’re re-reading it for the tenth time to make absolutely sure there’s nothing in it that could be misconstrued and cause offence. Then you check it another ten times after you’ve sent it – just in case…

You bump into a friend in the street. As you walk away, you replay the conversation over and over in your head trying to work out if you said anything “wrong”. You’re still rerunning the conversation in your head as you lie in bed that night…

A work colleague seems a bit off with you. You instantly rack your brain to recall your most recent interactions with them. You spend the day desperately trying to work out what you did to upset them so you can apologise and make things right…

Sound familiar?

On the whole, people with emotion-driven overeating issues are a sensitive bunch. We tend to be very empathic and highly attuned to the feelings of others which is fine. Except when we confuse empathy with taking responsibility for other people’s feelings.

Read the rest of this post and discover how to let yourself off the hook:

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will explore these posts further… I enjoyed and know you will.. thanks Sally.


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