Sally’s Drive Time Playlist #Music to get the Weekend Started – 1980 – Divorce, Whirlwind Romance, ABBA and Dr. Hook

As Frank Sinatra would say, 1980 for me was a very good year… I was happy in my job, had a whole bunch of new friends in the area, loved my job at Bontddu Hall and on April 1st my divorce was finalised. (April Fool’s Day.. and very appropriate!)

It had taken me three years and my savings to get past this time in my life, but it had been worth it. I was now 27 years old and I vowed that I would never marry again as I held that precious piece of paper with the words Decree Absolute in bold print emblazoned across it.

You know what they say about famous last words don’t you…

Anyway the second great event was that I took and passed my driving test. I have begun driving at age 17 and had several lessons but then ran out of money. Over the years various boyfriends and my husband had attempted to teach me to drive but without success.

After living midway between Barmouth and Dolgellau for over a year and having walked myself down to a size 10; I decided that I should book some more lessons and take the test. I signed up with Mr. Evans in Dolgellau who would pick me up in his mini in the middle of the afternoon during my couple of hours off.

I have never regretted those lessons on narrow Welsh roads as they have stood me in good stead when driving in various countries and terrains around the world. However, there was one slight problem at that time in my local area…No traffic lights and no roundabouts. Road works were useful for practice, but we had to drive 30 miles north of Dolgellau to find a roundabout which we would go around for about ten minutes before heading back before the lesson finished.

I was very lucky to have met a wonderful friend called Joan who was a district nurse and used her own car for work. On my day off, she would let me drive, and we travelled the length and breadth of North Wales, up and down mountains to give me as much practice as possible. That August I passed my test in Machynlleth despite stalling at … You guessed it… traffic lights.

Rightly chuffed with my achievement I set about putting away a little each week towards a car… But of course fate was about to take a hand in my life yet again.

In the first week in September I took a call in reception for a booking for two singles rooms with arrival on September 16th for two weeks. I thought at the time that the caller a Mr. David Cronin had a lovely Irish accent and when I had booked the rooms and put the telephone down, I turned to one of the receptionists on duty and said jokingly; ‘What a lovely voice, I think I will marry him.’

Those of you who are regulars to the blog know that I did just that, getting engaged on our first date on September 29th 1980 and married six weeks later on November 15th!

Anyway to the music that I listened to that year, mainly being played in the bar of the hotel or on my transistor radio in my flat.

The hits of the year included Don McLean with Crying, Abba with Super Trouper and The WinnerTakes it All. The Police with Don’t Stand so Close to Me, Blondie and Atomic, Diana Ross with Upside Down, Pink Floyd and Another Brick in the Wall, Dr. Hook and Sexy Eyes with Michael Jackson and She’s Out Of My Life and Barbra Streisand with Woman in Love.

Pity Michael Jackson’s track was not called He’s Out of My Life! However that year was upbeat and in honour of having seen Mama Mia: Here We Go Again (review tomorrow) I am going with Super Trouper and Dr. Hook’s Sexy Eyes.


You can buy ABBA music: ABBA Amazon

You can buy Dr. Hook music: Dr. Hook Amazon

I hope you have enjoyed today’s look back at 38 years ago and the music that accompanied by escapades! 

There will be  summer party here on of the weekends in August and I intend to play all your requests then.. Put your favourite track in the comments – title and band and I will do the rest..thanks Sally

23 thoughts on “Sally’s Drive Time Playlist #Music to get the Weekend Started – 1980 – Divorce, Whirlwind Romance, ABBA and Dr. Hook

  1. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    Campbell and I are going to an 80’s Dance Party at our Greater Kingsport YMCA tomorrow night. It’s a fundraiser and our first volunteer work at this most excellent organization. This is just the ticket to get us going.
    Thanks Sally for giving me inspiration!

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  2. OMG, I forgot about sexy eyes. I also recall the Babs Streisand “Woman in Love”. Of course, I was an adolescent but not impervious to the lyrics and love being in the air. I fell in love for the first time in early 1981. I’m now with him today. We were apart for 24 years tho. Kind of a sweet second chapter. Thanks for sharing your memories. Plus, you are so gorgeous in that photo. So very cute!


  3. I loved your love story and how you predicted it before it happened. It says marriages are made in heaven. They say the Welsh have lovely singing voices.
    I also enjoyed reading about how you practiced your driving before your test.

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  4. Hi Sally,
    What a beautiful story. I can imagine at that time you felt so weak and terrified of being alone. Yet you didn’t realize the strength you had. I was similar and like you, the music got me through some tough time. I loved Barry Manilow, but many of the songs you list here I also listened and sometimes cried listening to them. With each step in life and with tragedies we experience, we gain strength. God has truly blessed you and God’s love shines through you. HUGS

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