Fruity Friday…The Red Banana

It was Fruity Friday with Carol Taylor and this week a new one for me.. Red Bananas… just as versatile as yellow but with a few more antioxidants thrown in… go bananas….

Retired? No one told me!

Red Bananas (2)

Banana trees are everywhere here in gardens, growing on wasteland, by the side of the road everywhere… Sometimes I can’t even give them away…

They can be frozen, used in fruit shakes and smoothies or banana bread…Banana pancakes are very popular here and we have a little stall just down the road from us.

The kids love them but they are too sweet for me and an occasional treat for them as they pour condensed milk all over them.

You will also see BBQ’S by the side of the road grilling them and serving with some sweet syrup or fried bananas, banana balls which are one of my favourites when I go to market but you name it you can get the banana any which way…

They range from tiny little bananas to fair sized one not sold by the kilo as in western countries but by the hand as…

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5 thoughts on “Fruity Friday…The Red Banana

    • I hadn’t either but I am pleased I have now … I love these fruits and vegetables my friends and neighbours give me so much I have never seen or tried b4…Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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