All We’re Asking Is For A Little Respect

What a way to end the week…. Donna Parker with a lot of reasons why Canadians are great and deserve some respect. Why it seems that the inmates are in charge of the asylum, that there major issues in all our countries that need to be sorted out instead we are wrapped up in tawdry scandals and fake news. There is a great deal of insults being flung between countries on tariffs and how big each other’s arsenals are. Can we have a time out please and take care of some of the issues that Donna also brings up about the appalling way we deal with people who have nothing. Anyway…head over and see how succinctly all this is put together and spread it around.. Thanks Donna.. I feel better for getting that off my chest. Peace and goodwill everyone… wouldn’t that be nice.

yadadarcyyada Meanderings from The Great White North
Yes, The Great White North, we don’t need to be great again, we just are…oh and by white we mean our snow, not our complexions (what’s that got to do with anything anyway?). We’re proud to be a cultural mosaic. It’s not cold here right now, it’s sauna-like, with the prerequisite nude folks (sometimes a towel can be a lifesaver…mine).

  • Our news is flooded with the loss of a spectacular voice (for song and human rights) that came from an inspirational woman – Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul will move our ears, feet, and hearts forever…

  • More people killed with guns (who knew, guns do kill people); Omarosa is a sociopath just like Trump The Great Orange Misleader, they deserve each other, but we don’t deserve either – perhaps they’re in on it together, hey, let’s have a public feud…

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3 thoughts on “All We’re Asking Is For A Little Respect

  1. Thank you so much, Sally, for this amazing reblog and the incredible intro, you are truly a wordsmith, my friend. 🙂
    I’m sharing this all over and thank you for sharing it and spreading the #bloglove
    You are too kind and I am so grateful.
    Hope this week brings you peace, love, and inspiration. 🙂
    Much love xoxoxox

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