Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 20th August 2018 – Tofino Photography, Dan Alatorre with Adele Marie Park, Judy E. Martin

Welcome to the first of the blogger daily posts for the week and today a catch up of posts I read over the weekend.

I have been a fan of Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography since I began blogging and have been privileged to use some of his fabulous photos for poems. If you head over to his website you will be treated to images of magnificent eagles, cuddly mama and baby bears (don’t get too close)… and the other wild creatures who inhabit Tofino and the surrounding area.

Right now conditions are dire in the region with 600 forest fires in British Columbia and with a wind bringing fine particles of ash across Vancouver Island. Wayne describes the conditions in more detail and how he came to get this particular shot and the reason for the pink sun.


We’ve got close to 600 active fires in British Columbia right now.All those fire produce huge clouds of smoke.These vast clouds contain tiny ash particles.Breathing in this heavy smoke can do a number on your lungs & lord help you if you’ve already got compromised health!

When I wake up in the morning, I go to a satellite site to check on the cloud situation? I watch this site all day to get a better understand of the cloud structure & direction.The most important tool a photographer is the sun.The light ! Two rules about light………horizontal light good,vertical light bad. Basically sunrise & sunset are the only times one should be taking pictures.Right place at the right time can turn a mediocre subject into a excellent subject!

Light is the most important element to a great shot.Get a half decent subject & bath it in golden light…….& now your talking! The number one thing that affects the light is……….clouds. You want Goldi-Loks clouds.Not too many & not too few & they can be of any type? Personally I love those towering Cumulonimbus! I find them dramatic.Clouds are very important to a great shot! The worse situation is when there are too many clouds & it’s overcast all day.The light gets snuffed. If you have no light,you have no picture! Light to a photographer is like heat to a cook.If you don’t have the light you ain’t cooking.

We are in “outflow” conditions at the moment.What that means is the wind is coming from the mainland.The normal prevailing breeze is from the west to the east but under outflow conditions the wind is reversed.So we get all that forest fire smoke from all those fires to the east of us. 

This is a winning shot and find out how Wayne managed to capture the moment by heading over to the post:

Next I would like to showcase the winner Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest that ended in July. The story that came first was written by Adele Marie Park and I have to say is one of the best horror stories I have read. Admittedly, I am easily scared, but if I am going to venture into this genre, it needs to be crafted by someone who knows what they are doing.


Here is a short extract and I dare you to be brave enough to enter the story and read the rest… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.. Congratulations Adele and very well deserved and thanks Dan for all the effort that goes into the Word Weaver Writing contests.

“Devil’s Hollow Holy Water”
Adele Marie Park

A community that hides a secret, sticks together. It binds them like glue and smells just as evil.

Holy Water is one of those towns built upon the bones of those we took it from.

Oh, they’ll tell you that the settlers wandered for months without water when they came upon the river. The founding father fell on his knees and declared it a miracle. Hallelujah, Holy Water was born.

I’m smiling at you, Doc ’cause your last name was his too.

Don’t patronise me with your hollow chuckle; you ain’t amused.

It’s nice and peaceful by this window. I can see the gardens and the trees. Don’t mind having no shoes on my feet.

When I returned home that terrible day, my feet were so swollen they cut my boots.

Lord, I was screaming like a wild animal. They paid no attention. If they had, Benji might’ve been saved. I doubt it, but in the early days that one thought kept me from dying.

Here come the tears again. Like Mama’s, on the morning it happened.

She’d had no money from Mr. Aitken’s for a month. Oh, he kept saying things would get better, but he was lying and she knew it.

Benji tried to sit on her knee but she was shaking so bad he fell.

He hit his head on the table and hollered like a baby goat.

So Mama told me to get on out and take Benji with me.

I got us bundled up in our new winter coats. The last of Mama’s money went on them, but she said we needed em’. I’d have done without but that’s a Mama’s love for you.

The day was full of the promise of snow. You know, the kind of sharp, crisp morning when jack frost is just waking. Peaceful if it weren’t for Benji and his screams.

They echoed around, shaking stubborn leaves off the trees and scaring the crows.

He stopped crying when I gave him the last of my candy from Halloween.

Anyways, we was heading towards the park. Even if it only had one swing, it was better than getting under Mama’s feet.

Head over and please share from Dan’s blog and I am sure Adele would love to hear from you when you have read the story: Winner The Word Weaver Competition Adele Marie Park

Adele is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore.

Adele Park, Buy:

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And now we go from horror to humour with the very amusing Judy E. Martin and her  funny post from her archives about the difference in approach to the 5 second rule..more like 5 minute rules and sell by dates when we were growing up..we survived…but in Judy’s case there was some competition for the rock cakes..

A Little Bit of Dirt Never Killed Anybody

A bit of reminiscing….

I received a phone call from my daughter one day during her lunch break at school to let me know that there was a Craft Fair on Friday at school and “you have got to make some gingerbread men biscuits”. Oh great! Well, I have to give her credit for telling me a little in advance, normally it is at bedtime the night before she has to take something home-made into school. (I know some supermarkets do a lovely range of ‘home-made’ cakes etc. but it does seem a bit naughty to do that; however needs must, and I have done it in the past)!

Anyway, as it was my day off today, and not only did I have the ingredients (and more importantly the recipe) for the gingers, but I enjoy making them (along with mince pies, that is about my festive repartee). I had already made the dough, and while that was ‘chilling’ in the fridge, I had a bit of time to myself to reflect on how different I am from my mum in the kitchen. I was thinking about Mum and what a fantastic cook she is, although nowadays she doesn’t bake so much. However, in her baking heyday, some of her practices in the kitchen left a little to be desired.

Two funny stories come to mind. The first one was when mum was making her famous ‘rock cakes’. Now, they were not ALWAYS as hard as a rock as the name implies, and she put currants or something in them as well, so they were quite tasty for a Sunday afternoon tea. This particular day she made the cakes with her usual method, chucking a bit of this in, sprinkling in a pinch of that, then a dollop of something else for good measure. Once cooked they looked lovely and golden brown and she turned them out onto the wire rack to cool for a bit.

My younger sister and I were there when she decided to have a little ‘taster’, and she bit off a huge chunk from a cake.

Head over to find out what happened next and be prepared to be amazed:

Judy E. Martin is the author of Rhymes of the Times – Click the cover to buy.

I hope you have enjoyed the selection today and will head over and explore the posts further. Thanks for dropping in.. thanks Sally.



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