Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – The Eyes of Grace O’Malley by John Quinn

I hope you will extend a warm welcome to John Quinn with his debut novel, The Eyes of Grace O’Malley.

About The Eyes of Grace O’Malley

State … Security … Secrets …

Scotland 1972. A turbulent place – miners’ strikes, blackouts, Clyde shipyard workers defying the British Government, oil discovered in the North Sea and the long and deadly arms of conflict in Ireland reaching across the Irish Sea.

Farrell Golden is a bright working class kid from Dundee with an Irish heritage. But he hasn’t always paid it much attention. Thanks to his family he’s made it to the University of Edinburgh against the odds. But does he want to stay there?

There’s beer and there’s women – in particular a beautiful ethereal English girl called Maggie. She’s out of the London stockbroker belt but she’s not all that she seems. Then there’s an Irish girl who is somehow familiar …

Roisin O’Malley’s not like any trainee teacher Farrell’s ever seen. What is she getting away from in Edinburgh? What are her family’s links to the Troubles? What of her ex-boyfriend?

At a Bloody Sunday protest march Farrell sees Roisin in trouble and goes to help. He’s knocked unconscious. When he wakens up he finds he’s stepped down a rabbit hole of Irish history, family ties and state security. Is there a way back? Should he have paid more attention to the family heritage? Who is Roisin O’Malley really?

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About John Quinn

John Quinn is an ex-teacher, writer and performer. His poetry in English and Scots has been published in various magazines and journals such as Poetry Scotland, Northwords Now, Southlight, South Bank and Lallans.

He has performed poetry including slam poetry on festivals such as Stanza International and Dundee Literary as well as in coffee shops pubs and parks. He is also the author of the play ‘O Halflins an Hecklers an Weavers an Weemin’ about the City of Dundee and Jute. He blogs at Tales from a Silver River.

He lives above the River Tay with his wife author Shehanne Moore.

Connect to John Quinn
Amazon Author Page:
Facebook: John Quinn – Facebook

Thank you for visiting today and it would be great if you could share the news of John’s new book with your own connections. Thank you Sally.


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