Smorgasbord Reblog – How the Anthology ¡Que entre la luz! Raises Awareness about Domestic Violence by Christy D. Birmingham

Christy D. Birmingham very kindly invited Olga Nunez Miret and myself over to talk about the recent anthology we were involved in. ¡Que entre la luz!  is a project by the cooperative of Spanish writers called Ediciones Proust, in aid of victims of domestic violence.  I hope you will head over to Christy’s blog and read the entire post. Thanks Sally

¡Que entre la luz!

How the Anthology ¡Que entre la luz! Raises Awareness about Domestic Violence

When I heard about the anthology When I heard about the anthology ¡Que entre la luz! that author and translator Olga Núñez Miret is involved in to raise awareness for domestic violence, I knew it was a project I wanted to help get the word out about. As many of you know, I was in an abusive relationship and realize the toll it can take on mental health in additional to physical health. I approached Olga about a guest post, as well as renowned blogger and author Sally Cronin, who contributes her short story Diana to the Spanish book. The anthology is in aid of a few Spanish charities that work with survivors of domestic violence and raise awareness of the problem. Thank you again to Olga and Sally for sharing about the project in the joint guest post that follows here.
Can you please explain about the anthology, Olga?

Hi, Christy. Thanks so much for your kindness in inviting us to your blog and for your interest in ¡Que entre la luz!, a collection of short stories, poems, and articles published in aid of two Spanish charitable organisations that support the survivors of domestic violence and violence against children, Fundación Ana Bella and Asociación Bekoz Beko.

I am a member of a cooperative of Spanish writers called Ediciones Proust, created a couple of years ago to offer support and a variety of publishing services to independent authors. We have a couple of groups on Twitter where we share tweets that we think deserve to be promoted and shared, mostly about books or cultural events, but also about important issues. Several of the writers in the group, and the CEO, Lusa Guerrero, had personal connections and had worked to help organisations against domestic violence, and would regularly share news about initiatives and events taking place. Several authors suggested that we could publish an anthology and donate all the profit to relevant projects.

After some discussion and a fair deal of organising, we made a call, not only to members of the cooperative but also to other writers, for their contributions. The stories, poems, or essays had to be about the subject of domestic violence and there was a length limit, but otherwise, each author was free to approach the subject as s/he wished. We were overwhelmed by the response. We had well-known authors like Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa (whose work has been adapted to screen many times), Blanca Miosi (Amazon’s number one best-selling author in Spanish), Enrique Laso (an Spanish author well known both for his fiction and for his non-fiction books), sending their work, but also less known independent authors, and even members of international organisations, like Alok Dixit founder of Sheroes Hangout, from Stop Acid Attack, in Agra.

Please head over and read the rest of the post:

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Thanks for dropping in today Sally.


5 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Reblog – How the Anthology ¡Que entre la luz! Raises Awareness about Domestic Violence by Christy D. Birmingham

  1. What a fab interview and wonderful collective to be part of Sal. I would have loved to be part of had I known. Do I have stories!
    (BTW, I can’t share to FB from any blog, I have to go in manually twice to put the link up and then to paste my comments. Please let Christy know I cannot comment on her blog. She has done something new to her blog and WP wants a whole new sign in there and isn’t accepting my sign in. I can tell that I’m not the only one having problems because there weren’t many comments and Christy usually has many. Just thought I”d let you know. ❤ xx

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    • I did mention it Debby and apparently Christy is putting up a video about it at some point. I don’t want two step authentication on my blog which is required to log in to her account. I don’t want to have to enter another code when I am logging onto my WP..It is for mobile device users who might lose them or be hacked. My writing has always been marked public and if people want to share they can. I am not writing about trade or state secrets. My computer is already password and Kaspersky protected and so are all my blog and social media accounts. I do not want that extra step. Anyway… if it is something that wordpress is bringing in as mandatory I will have a few things to say as I am fed up with LinkedIn and other platforms no longer supporting those of us who choose to work on a desktop. Should have had my coffee first… ♥♥

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      • You go girl. You and me always on the same page! I am locked in everywhere too. I left Kaspersky 2 years ago and did a lot of research on antivirus. I’m thrilled with Bitdefender, actually based in the UK 🙂 xox

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