Straight-Laced Saturday — Cornelis Drebbel 2

I reblogged last Wednesday’s episode by Teagan Geneviene of Copper, The Alchemist and the Woman in Trousers.. yesterday.. and here is Saturday’s episode.. This is a wonderful series and you will enjoy it… I promise.

Our narrator, the woman in trousers, discovered Copper, an intriguing little girl.  While the story didn’t “tell me” the woman’s name for many episodes, to simplify things here, I’ll go ahead and tell you her name is Felicity.

We learn that Felicity travels with the mysterious Cornelis Drebbel.  I could tell you more about that episode, but many of you probably didn’t see the Wednesday chapter, and I don’t want to spoil it.  So click back to the previous episode now, please if you missed chapter-1.

Ah good, you’re back.

About the reruns.  This is a spontaneously written, steampunk adventure.  Since my fictionalized Cornelis Drebbel character has several vehicles, happily I can still shout

All aboard!

Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

2.  Soup Pot, Kitchen Sink, Mail-Order Wine Club

Cornelis Drebbel, shimmered and blurred before my eyes.  Then the alchemist popped out of my suite at the Belle Inn.  I do mean that literally.  He disappeared with a pop sound.  Though he acted put upon when I asked him to do such investigative errands, I knew he secretly relished getting out on his own.

As I waited for his return, I gazed speculatively at his skull, which rested in my hatbox. 1900 Maid with tray

There was a light knock at the door.  It was one of the Belle Inn’s staffers bringing up dinner.  I was infinitely glad she hadn’t come a moment earlier.  Though I flaunt tradition and wear trousers as I please, it would still be hard to explain having a man in my room.  Or at least what would look like a man from the maid’s point of view.

She brought the tray into my suite and sat it on the small round table.  It was laden with several covered dishes of food and an ornate little bell.  The aromas escaped tantalizingly from the dishes.

“Thank you.  It’s very kind of you, miss.  It smells delicious,” I said as my stomach made a noise of agreement.

“Oh, just call me Bitsy — everyone does,” she commented as she uncovered a generous portion of the fried calamari I ordered.


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5 thoughts on “Straight-Laced Saturday — Cornelis Drebbel 2

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Sally. I’m rerunning this serial at two episodes a week so we can get to the conclusion faster. Once there, I’m excited to offer up an all new adventure for Cornelis. I can’t wait to start taking random “things” from everyone to drive the new story. (Plus that will give me time to work on some novel projects.)
    Have a marvelous Monday, my friend. Hugs!

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