Straightlaced Saturday — Cornelis Drebbel 3.2

Despite being partially unplugged for the next week or so… reading a great deal and dog walking.. I have still time to pop in and out to read my regular favourites, which includes Copper, The Alchemist and The Woman in Trousers on Teagan Geneviene’s blog. Something smelled a bit fishy in the study of Calvin Hixon’s home.. well more that fishy.. then there were the sticky beakers from the orphanage and Cornelius being harmonic. Copper is lucky to have some unwordly guardians protecting her.. head over and read the episode and discover more.

Teagan's Books

Saturday, September 8, 2018 

A “Mighty Wurlitzer” circa 1929

Thanks for being at the station for this rerun of my steampunk serial with a Victorian setting.  This adventure was written spontaneously, with “three things” left by readers (back in 2015) driving every element of this story from the setting to the characters.   

Writing Process

I enjoy alteration, as you will see while this story progresses.  Names are never accidental with me. You’ll see that many of the minor characters have names that begin with “B.”  I did that as a subtle way of helping you keep up, since I’m conscious of the fact that it’s hard to keep up with a serial. 

Also, I entertained myself with the names of a group of characters you’ll meet today.  Suddenly I needed to name four lesser characters. That was just too many “B” names to throw at you.  I’ll let…

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