The Afternoon Video – The Crows in my Garden solved their puzzle… and here is another clever one!


I have a bird feeding tree in the garden with three seed holders, I fat and one peanut holder. The tree is not designed for crows and in fact their are intricate metal leaves and flowers that prevent them getting a claw hold. However, they worked out how to perch on a round metal ring and bash their heads against the seeders to release seeds to their mates waiting on the ground below.

I spent time working out how to remove this access point and in the end we rearranged the tree arms so that none were within butting distance. Then they worked together. Two would lift the handles of the individual seeders, lifting them over the long hooks and onto the ground where they spilled out.

So I wired the seeders to the tree. Which infuriated them and we could watch as two or three would gather to work out the problem. Clearly whilst we were away they solved it. I came back to find they had untwisted the wire securing the seeders (several twists) and thrown them to the ground.

They are very clever and part of my attempts to thwart them, is to see how they solve the problem.   Here is another crow who has mastered a complex set of actions to get the treat.


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33 thoughts on “The Afternoon Video – The Crows in my Garden solved their puzzle… and here is another clever one!

  1. It turns out that the Aesop story of the crow and the water jar, in which the crow raises the water level to where it can reach it by dropping pebbles in the jar, has been tested with actual crows. They figured it out very quickly.

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  2. Birds are remarkable. When it comes to food they can figure out how to get it no matter what you try to do to stump them. We watch in awe as birds find a way. Squirrels are quite ingenious at solving problems too. So far they haven’t figure out how to open our feeders. So far so good!
    The crows are probably one of the most intelligent birds. The video was incredible how the crow figured out how to solve the problem and obtain the food. Wow! Impressive! Thanks for sharing, Sally! 🤗 xx ❤️

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  3. Crows, like their brethren the ravens, are super smart. Plus they adopt a house or houses for their ‘home.’ We have a house crow at our lake house – he’s always there, looking for a handout.
    Maybe to save your feeders you can give them some cracked corn on the ground?

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    • Thanks Noelle.. we definitely have attracted some stragglers .. one in particular was a very sad looking juvenile about two months ago.. He comes down and eats respectfully with the smaller birds on the ground, waiting for seed to shake loose. I do put some seed on the ground and also very hard fat balls which keep the adults busy for hours chasing all over the garden. They love them and I think they expend more energy chasing them than they get from the eating. xxx


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  5. Wow, I love this video, Sally. Smart Crows. I noticed that the crow in this video has tags on both legs. I have many mourning doves in my garden. One dove has a ring around one leg. That dove and his partner came back to my garden four years in a row. They fly south in the winter.

    The squirrels in my garden are smart also in stealing the bird seed.

    It’s fun to watch how some smart animals. ❤ 🙂

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    • I know Miriam.. I was watching out the window as I made my tea this morning and there was a riot of bird colours at the feeding tree and watering hole.. Including the young crow who adopted us at the end of the summer… we think was ejected from the rookery and he gets on with the other sparrows, starlings, tits and doves and they have accepted him. They give us no end of entertainment..♥

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      • I started feeding the two mourning dives years ago. The House finches came. Then the sparrows, jays. squirrels, cats. So far, I had baby mourning doves, House finch chicks, and baby hummingbird born in my garden. As you said it’s entertainment all day. ❤

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