#MondayMeme – It’s Fall, Y’all!

Time to get your smile on…and possibly a fleece as Marcia Meara shares some aahhhh moments dogs and autumn scenes.. I want a dog….

The Write Stuff

Despite the fact that the high today in central Florida was right at 90 degrees, and there’s nary an orange or yellow leaf to be seen anywhere, It’s October 1. As for as I’m concerned, that means it’s FALL, Y’all! So instead of my usual writing related Monday memes, I’m going with a few pictures more seasonal and plenty smile-worthy! Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “#MondayMeme – It’s Fall, Y’all!

  1. So glad you enjoyed this one, Sally. (I have 7 or 8 more of them saved for another day.) Thanks for passing it along. (Says she, sitting here in shorts, with the a/c cranked down to “Cold” and pretending there’s a nip in the air outside, too!) 😀 ❤

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  3. It’s that inability to travel (our dogs are NOT good travelers) that is the real clincher. It costs me anywhere from $150 to $300 every time I visit my daughter in Charleston! 😯 And truly, if I’m out for the day running errands, I always have to swing by the house to let them out. They are good for 2 hours, sometimes 3, but after that, they get desperate. I didn’t mind the work when I was younger, but starting over with another dog is too much for me to think about right now.

    I do hope you are able to have one in your “final house,” as owning dogs can be a real joy, and we have surely loved these two little boys for nearly 14 years. But of course, we’ve always had cats, too, and have four now. (All indoor pets). We will still get lots of cuddles and loves, just ones that are easier on us at this point in time. 😀

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  4. Love the colorful and fun photos, Marcia and Sally. Dogs love fall as much as I do! LOL! We definitely have a nip or two in the air here in New England USA. Brrr! Everything summer is put away and the deck is cleared to one end. My husband has been busy. Thanks for sharing. Hugs xx

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