Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday October 2nd 2018 – The Story Reading Ape with Claire Fullerton, Christy Birmingham #40sHealth and Jennie Fitzkee #Reading #Preschool

Welcome to today’s selection of posts from around the community that are just a handful of the articles I have enjoyed.

The first post is a guest post by Claire Fullerton, author of Mourning Dove, a book that I read and reviewed earlier in the year. Claire shares the almost serendipity chain of events that led to her writing the book. Her host is The Story Reading Ape.

Every writer has deep-seated motivation for writing a novel. It may be a person, place, or setting that resonates in their soul, and from this a story that won’t let them go. I was tentative when I began writing Mourning Dove, and by this, I mean to say that I tested the waters before I dove in head first to the full story. Mourning Dove started as a poem I never shared, but I liked its subject and rhythm. It spoke of a family dynamic, had movement and spoke of human nature in the face tragedy. In writing the poem, it occurred to me there is beauty to be gleaned in the worst of human affairs.

In one of those intuitive promptings that seems fateful in hindsight, I saw an online call for submissions to the 2013 San Francisco Writers Conferences’ contest. In looking at the categories, I thought narrative nonfiction might be the least entered, therefore giving me a better chance at placing. I looked at the wordcount requirements, titled my submission Mastering Ambiguity, and used my poem’s first stanza to begin my 3,000- word submission telling of a family story. Two months later, I received word that Mastering Ambiguity was a finalist in that contest, and, being as it is that I live in Southern California, I made arrangements to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference, where the contest’s winner would be announced. Mastering Ambiguity didn’t win that year, but it did come in as the contest’s runner-up. And the thing is, when I entered the auditorium where the winner would be announced, I told myself that if anything ever happened to my piece, I’d turn it into a full-length, Southern family saga. Confident, now, that I had a good story, after the conference, I went to my desk and got to work.

Head over and read the rest of the post.. I am sure you will enjoy:

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The next post is from Caitlin, writing on When Women Inspire courtesy of Christy Birmingham.

Women after 40: Truths & Myths about Health

I cannot say I enjoyed the years 39 to 54 and I wish that there had been a great deal more information around at the time. There were limited options but as Caitlin points out, seeking a second or even third opinion today is well worth it.

Believe it or not, many women after 40 feel healthier and better than they were in their 20s. That’s what gaining some wisdom and taking care of yourself does for you, go figure. Maybe you’re one of those ladies? Find out the truths, myths, and everything in-between for women after 40 in this guest post from health writer Caitlin.

We don’t just seek to manage the changes our bodies go through as we age – we strive to be at our absolute healthiest so that we can feel our best. But there’s just so much out-dated women’s health information out there to watch out for. The intentions are good, but for the sake of our health and wellbeing, we have to ensure we’re up-to-date and properly informed about some common misconceptions.

Head over and read the entire article beginning with the deal with hysterectomies:

About Caitlin.

Caitlin is a bookworm and recreational dancer. She is also a medical student in love with science in all its forms. When she is not trying to find the meaning of life and Universe, Caitlin is researching and writing about various health-related and well-being related topics. She is happily addicted to art in all its forms, grilled tofu, and hiking. To see what Caitlin is up to next, check out her Twitter dashboard

Christy Birmingham is an author in the Cafe and Bookstore

The last post for today is from preschool teacher of over 30 years, Jennie Fitzkee. Jennie engages her students in a way that few in my own experience can. Reading and books in general are a key element in all that she shares with them… That and quilting… another story.

Language, Literacy, and Storytelling – Part 1 by Jennie Fitzkee

As a teacher, I want to grow readers. I want to help children develop a sense of understanding. I want children to become curious, and eager to discover. I learned early on that in order to do this, it all begins with language and hearing words. Fact: a child’s success in school in all areas, not just reading, is directly attributed to the number of words s/he hears. As a parent of young children, that fact alone made me want to run to the public library. And I did. As a teacher, I became an advocate for reading to children. I just knew that pouring all those words into their brains was filling the learning reservoir. It happens in this order – listening, speaking, reading, then writing.

Reading aloud became a passion and a constant in my classroom. The guru of reading aloud, Jim Trelease, visited my classroom to hear me read. He was curious that I read chapter books to preschoolers, and that they were glued to the story. He was also writing the latest edition of his million-copy bestselling book, The Read-Aloud Handbook. I am fortunate to be included in the book.

At chapter reading, children know that they make the pictures in their heads.  This week I said,

“The words go into your ears, and then into your brain and into your heart.  When that happens, you can see the picture in your head.  Can’t you just see Wilbur standing under Charlotte’s web?  Can’t you just see the morning dew making SOME PIG stand out?”

Please head over and read the rest of this very helpful post, especially if you have younger children or grandchildren:

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will explore these posts further. Thanks Sally




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  1. Excellent choices today Sal. I’d read Christy’s wonderful post as well as Jennie’s. And yes, I’m with you – one of those women who turned more fabulous after 40 LOL. And I loved Claire’s inspirational post on how her poem led her to writing her book. ❤ xxx

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