Guest author: Sally Cronin ~ Why I am skipping old age and looking forward to my second childhood instead

I was the guest of Sue Vincent yesterday and if you missed it, here is a snapshot with a link to the rest of the post..

It is always a pleasure to have Sally over as a guest, especially when she is writing about an issue so close to my heart:

My thanks to Sue for the invitation to write a post for her today… always lovely to be over on her spectacular and eclectic blog.

Sally aged 7 years old – looking forward and not back

Why I am skipping Old Age and embarking on my Second Childhood instead.

I have researched the delights of Old Age rigorously, in an effort to determine if I want to actually accept the title. I looked after my mother for several years in her late 80s to her mid-90s, and I would say that she was young at heart until dementia robbed her of that at age 92.

She said that she felt the same inside as she had as a young woman, despite the wrinkles and failing body. She proved to me that Attitude is the key to anti-aging not botox or other miracle wrinkle busters.

I was 60 years old when she passed away and I felt that it was my obligation to carry on the family tradition she had established, to maintain at the very least a young outlook on life. I have spent the last five years attempting to achieve this desired state.

The first stage is to determine if you are already in danger of becoming one of the Old Age Brigade!

I use a little check list to identify where I am on the scale of maturity and I call it the Old Fogies Alert Test... It is a little bit of fun but it is amazing how closely I can identify with some of these statements for myself and friends and relatives who are over a certain age.

via Guest author: Sally Cronin ~ Why I am skipping old age and looking forward to my second childhood instead

14 thoughts on “Guest author: Sally Cronin ~ Why I am skipping old age and looking forward to my second childhood instead

  1. Old age? What’s that? I’m your age, Sally, and identity very strongly with teenagers and twenties. Husband and I don’t look or act our ages. We do somersaults over the metal bars on pathways, balance on fallen tree trunks, blow raspberries a lot (the minions in Despicable Me), ‘high five’ a lot… You get the picture. Since my complete recovery from thirty years of depression, I’ve been inspired by my daughter, who’s very stylish, and I try, quite successfully I think to be stylish too.

    Old age? What’s that?!

    Jo Hampshire UK
    Creating My Odyssey – Liberating the Real Me After Thirty Years Of Depression and Anxiety


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