Smorgasbord Poetry – Guest Poet – The Third Season ( A poem for Autumn) by Joy Lennick

Delighted to welcome author and poet Joy Lennick as a guest today with a poem in celebration of autumn. Joy was born in Wales and now lives in the warmer climes of Spain, she is the author of a number of fiction books and a poetry collection; more about those later.

THE THIRD SEASON (A poem for autumn) by Joy Lennick

Nature in her wisdom
makes way for another season;
Summer acquiesces –
makes us muse upon the reason.

Now Autumn’s inspired paint-brush
has burnished Summer’s trees,
has stippled,veined and spotted
and prettied up her leaves.

Amber, scarlet, ochre leaves
drift down as light as whispers,
to kiss this mother earth of ours
like hushed and soft-sung vespers.

The light is muted, delicate –
sky quilted grey and blue –
as Zephyr’s cheeks, extended, blow
awry the multi-coloured carpoet,
oh so new.

©Joy Lennick

About Joy Lennick

Having worn several hats in my life: wife, mum, secretary, shop-keeper, hotelier; my favourite is the multi-coloured author’s creation. I am an eclectic writer: diary, articles, poetry, short stories and five books. Two books were factual, the third as biographer: HURRICANE HALSEY (a true sea adventure), fourth my Memoir MY GENTLE WAR and my current faction novel is THE CATALYST. Plenty more simmering…

A selection of books by Joy Lennick

One of the reviews for My Gentle War

May 23, 2014 Pat Mcdonald rated it really liked it

Aptly titled, this is a delightful little book, that tells the story of one child’s experience of war and evacuation. It brought back so many memories for me, not of that time period, but of my childhood. So many wonderful similarities around the characters – e.g my grandmother cut and buttered bread in the same fashion. I found myself enchanted by this period in history and descriptions of the blitz and how people survived it in a compelling an human way. Loved it!  

Read the reviews and buy the books:

And on Amazon US:

Find all the books, read other reviews and follow Joy on Goodreads:

Connect to Joy


My thanks to Joy for sharing this lovely poem with us today and there will be more I am sure in the future.

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