Good news for users when #Gutenberg is installed with the 5.0 release

A huge relief I know for so many of us on WordPress to know that when #Gutenberg is installed with 5.0 release that we will still have the choice of using the classic editor without having to install a plug in. I received a response to my query and they even sent a screenshot. This is for those of us on

When you click on Add new Post it will come up with an option. Gutenberg or Classic Editor…thank goodness for that…

There will be celebrations…….


48 thoughts on “Good news for users when #Gutenberg is installed with the 5.0 release

    • I was pretty certain that they would Hugh.. converting 75 million websites to a new editing platform which is radically different from the existing one would be a logistical nightmare especially without ironing out the snags.. I would imagine they will roll out from November 19th and the majority of us are going to opt for the classic anyway.. Fingers crossed that the process of migration does not impact us anyway… xxxx

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      • I agree, Sally. We need to thank whoever it was that persuaded WordPress to give bloggers the option of the classic editor. I wonder if they will offer it to those that join WordPress after Gutenburg has been launched?
        I’m sure there will be a few gremlins along the way when it’s launched. Perhaps a good time for me to do an early blog spring clean. 😀

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  1. Gutenberg is a nightmare. I will NEVER want to use it – and neither will my clients. It doesn’t do anything I can’t already do, and it makes the UI far more complicated. I sincerely hope it’s scrapped before it’s ever implemented. For instance: every block creates a thin grey line underneath it when published. How are we supposed to get rid of that?


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