The best cheese sandwich?

In our household both Christmas cake and what remained of the Christmas pudding (my mother preferred hers cold) was served with a slice of mature cheddar.. something my father who came from the North East brought to the party. Sue Vincent celebrates this marriage of rich, dark fruit cake (sometimes slightly enebriated with a little brandy) with cheese. Plus you get her gran’s Christmas Cake recipe… this cake will withstand the test of time and can be made months ahead… go for it.. but don’t forget the cheddar…#recommended

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

“Cheese?” I asked, with knife poised. I had just cut a slab of rich fruitcake and put it on the  plate. The half-stifled “ewww…”  and the horrified expression was all the answer I needed. I sighed. People don’t know what they are missing. You simply cannot eat the dense, dark confection without cheese… or at least, not if you come from Yorkshire.

It is one of those oddities of taste that does not seem to have wandered far from its roots, though it did make it across the Pennines and into parts of Lancashire, I am told.

There is no knowing just how far back this culinary tradition goes, but it has been around at least since Victorian times when the modern Christmas Cake became part of the festive fare. It may have descended from an even earlier traditon, and certainly my great grandparents, who were born…

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