Smorgasbord Halloween Fancy Dress Party with fabulous guests (ghosts, demons and stand-ins!)

Thank you for dropping in to the party and I hope that you are going to enjoy the food, music and company. There are some wonderful guests who have shared their photos in various forms of dress..(and undress) and in some cases they have shared ghostly images from the past, and for some a total transformation into another being!

An example of that is the massive transition I had to make from my normal witchy visage… to this stunning creature above. The alchemist Dr. Cronin spent many hours perfecting the transformation and the only downside is that I don’t get to keep the body. He actually prepared two images to choose from but I felt that this one was better not shared in public. I don’t know whose body it is but I bet they are missing it!

Oops.. there I went and shared it anyway….never mind as the clock strikes midnight I will be returned to my former self.. the scourge of internet trolls and nincompoops globally.

My butler, Snarky, despite being the most grumpy individual I have ever come across, will be serving drinks and snacks throughout the day. Or he too will be turned into something considerably less savoury at midnight… he has a thing about cats…he has been warned.

Anyway time to get you warmed up, and before we get to the tequila shots, here is a Bloody Mary for you… or if you prefer to have without the alcohol (if you insist) Snarky has prepared Virgin Marys too. Excuse the jars.. I know when you lot get the worse for wear my nice crystal glasses will be in shards…

And a little music to get you in the mood for today’s darkness… courtesy of Bobby PickettMonster Mash

Time to meet a few guests and you will recognise some but others may have you stumped.

Now as a little party game.

I am going to give you all the names of the guests which link to either their blog or their books. Their photos will be scattered throughout the post and your job is to match the photos to their originator. Since some have sent stand-ins I will put little clues above each of the photographs which will be numbered.

I am relying on your honesty here (don’t forget I am a witch and will be able to tell). Put the numbers of the photographs that have you stumped (hopefully only one or two) in the comments along with your own links to blog or books.

The person who is the most honest (and I will know) gets a night out with Snarky…who I believe is an excellent dancer – Second Prize is two nights out with Snarky!

Here are names of the guests.. and if you click the name it will take you to their blog or books. They are in no particular order..

Barb Taub   Donna Parker   Hugh W. Roberts   John W. Howell   Robbie Cheadle   

Mary Anne Edwards  Marcia Meara  Anne Marie Andrus  Alethea Kehas

Sally Chowdhary   Chuck Jackson   Annette Rochelle Aben

D. G. Kaye – Debby Gies   Stevie Turner   Darlene Foster   Geoff Le Pard

D. Wallace Peach      Colleen Chesebro 

The Story Reading Ape

Guest number one – writes poetry, and blogs about Indian Culture..

Guest number two shows us a glimpse into a particular each week on his blog.

Guest number three shares her memoir writing expertise and travels a great deal.

You must be a monkey if you don’t get this one!. Guests number four.

I think you probably could use some food right about now and Snarky will be going around with some lovingly made Devilled Eggs, prepared by the catering team I brought in for the party… Snot and Dribble Party Food Purveyors…

And perhaps a little music before I greet my other guests..the one and only Michael Jackson with Thriller.. please feel free to have a twirl or two…

And here is the next batch of guests starting with number five…a witch and fairy whisperer.

Guest number six flirts with time….in a brilliant disguise…

Guest number seven likes sherry trifle….so do flies


and guest number eight… travels the world with her teenage character.

Time for some more refreshments and music… first some red velvet cupcakes.. these were made by Drogo the vampire with leftovers…

And a little reminder off the holiday we are celebrating.

And my next guest.. number nine lives in a house without windows..

Guests number ten has sent an early photo before she started making fondant characters.

Guest number eleven sent a stand in – a boy called Rabbit..

And guest number twelve does posts that are a performance art with video and gifs

Guest number thirteen is lucky for some and has created myths in a mirror.

The pumpkins have been peeled and mashed and made into delicious pies.. time to tuck in and gather your strength for the last few hours of the party.

Time to get on the dance floor and to the Time Warp instructions are included…

Guest number fourteen asked What Did I Do? And wanted to wear something cool so he could dance all night

Guest number Fifteen celebrated the launch of her book in style.. a bit of a giveaway and shame on you if you don’t get this one….

And guest number sixteen looks at things from a Haiku perspective and loves dressing up…

Guest number seventeen sailed into trouble with his shipmate John Cannon..since he is most comfortable in t-shirt and sandals.. this really is his fancy dress...

And guest number eighteen.. brought James Bond with her for moral support.. She must have met him when touring in her camper after the dog died…

And last but certainly not least…Guest number nineteen has brought a friend possibly one of the warriors from the labyrinth.

To finish off the party and to keep you warm on your way home.. some flaming shots…. Snarky will be around with those in a minute..

And to end the dancing.. one of my all time favourites that I hope you will enjoy as well.. Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bad Moon Rising.

My thanks to for the images… Snarky for behaving himself. Dr. Cronin for the transformation and all those who dared to share their photos..

Please do not leave without saying hello and leaving your links to blog, books or both. Stay safe tonight… those little trick or treaters can be persistent… and have lots of fun.

Normal service and body shape will be resumed tomorrow…

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My name is Sally Cronin and I am doing what I love.. Writing. Books, short stories, Haiku and blog posts. My previous jobs are only relevant in as much as they have gifted me with a wonderful filing cabinet of memories and experiences which are very useful when putting pen to paper. I move between non-fiction health books and posts and fairy stories, romance and humour. I love variety which is why I called my blog Smorgasbord Invitation and you will find a wide range of subjects. You can find the whole story here. Find out more at

169 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Halloween Fancy Dress Party with fabulous guests (ghosts, demons and stand-ins!)

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  2. Nice party, Sally. Here are my guesses:
    Barb Taub 18 Donna Parker 12 Hugh W. Roberts 2 John W. Howell 17 Robbie Cheadle 10
    Mary Anne Edwards 6 Marcia Meara 11 Anne Marie Andrus 15 Alethea Kehas 19
    Sally Chowdhary 1 Chuck Jackson 14 Annette Rochelle Aben 16
    D. G. Kaye – Debby Gies 3 Stevie Turner 9 Darlene Foster 8 Geoff Le Pard 7
    D. Wallace Peach 13 Colleen Chesebro 5
    The Story Reading Ape 4
    I had a bit of trouble with 12 but she was the last lady standing! I hope I have done this right.

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  5. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    You are invited to attend a Halloween Party! Hostess Sally Cronin welcomes you with food and drink, and a most excellent array of costumed guests. On my way out, so I won’t have time to play her game until later, but you can surely give it a go. I bet you’ll see folks you recognize enjoying the fun, food, and music. Check it out! You’ll be glad you did! 🙂 (And thanks, Sally, for throwing such a fun and festive event!) ❤

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  6. Hi Sal! Love your costume and the bod divine! LOL What fun here. Love the bloody Mary jars, good idea to hide the crystal! Now, I have to ask, is there snot and dribble in those deviled eggs, cuz I may have to take a pass!
    Great photos, I’m even stumped on one or two! Here goes: 1. Balroop? 2. Hugh Roberts 3. ME 4. The Story Reading Ape 5. Colleen 6. Stumped! 7. Geoff LePard 8. Darlene 9. Stevie Turner 10. Robbie 11. Marcia’s grandson 12. Donna Parker? 13. Diana Peach 14. Chuck Jackson 15. Anne Marie Andrus 16. Annette? 17. John Howell 18 &19 stumped! Maybe because I drank too much I’m stumped on a few? But I can only dream to win a date with Snarky!!!!! Does he clean up after too? Just adds to my dream LOL. Sooooooooooo much fun!!! I’ll pop back later for a refill! ❤ xxx

    Liked by 7 people

  7. Thanks for allowing me, a bloodsucking zombie, into your house, Sally. I think I’ve drunk all the blood…I mean Bloody Mary’s I can, so I need to pop out and find some more unwilling victims.

    I had a blast trying to identify everyone. I was stuck on 1, 9, 11 and 19, so not bad. Thanks to Robbie for helping me out with the answers. She gets to join me in my next movie ‘Day Of The Bloggers’. 😈

    Hugs to you.

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  8. Oh, how fun, Sally. Thanks for the hints since I needed them! And I love your costumes, especially the second. Who knew? Ha ha. Well, I have my Bloody Mary from Snarky and a plate of deviled eggs. The music is perfectly ghoulish, and I’m off to visit my fellow party-goers. Happy Halloween!

    Liked by 5 people

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank, dear Sally, not just for inviting me to your awesome party (as you can see by my photo I always bring my own food), but for introducing me to your other guests! I visited and shared and found some authors to check out.
    Happy Halloween to all, here one from my vaults
    Wishing everyone a safe and spooktacular Halloween!!! 👻🎃🍬

    Liked by 4 people

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  12. With all the magic and power after tonight, I think you can keep the body, Sally. Great party and , oh, the food and drink… Robbie and Debby’s guesses are impressive. I think I could guess several but just simply agree with them. I was busy posting my book on Amazon. Both paperback and Kindle should be ready soon. Sorry to have missed the fun and food.

    Liked by 2 people

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