Notes from a small dog: Not a happy bunny…

Sue Vincent has let Ani loose again with her keyboard, in a very good cause.. Sam hated fireworks and would become a lap dog, all 40kilo of him and tell me it was because he wanted to protect me. When you see a strong, proud dog reduced to a quivering mess, it is heartbreaking.. The organised firework displays are spectacular, but they are easier to manage than the indiscriminate popping off of bangers and rockets in neighbouring gardens. It is not only domestic dogs and cats who are terrified but wildlife too.. So please think about that and find a wide open space away from houses to celebrate Guyfawkes, or go to a local offical display. Thanks to Ani for the reminder.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

What is it with two-legses and things that go bang in the night, hmm? Ask any sensible creature… and they are easy to find, as we almost all have four legs each… and we will tell you that loud noises, sudden flashes and, well, pretty much anything you two-legses do with that gunpowder stuff in general… It’s not great, you know.

Mine is as bad as the rest. She needn’t think I can’t see her peeping out of the window when the bangs start. She says she likes the smell and the lights… makes her feel like a puppy again. She seems to like that and that’s all well and good for her, but they make me feel like a puppy again too… all scared and shaky.

To be fair, she’s pretty good. She doesn’t go off and leave me. She makes sure the curtains are closed, usually puts something…

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4 thoughts on “Notes from a small dog: Not a happy bunny…

  1. Rabbits and garden pets often get forfotten about too. One particularly loud an local explosion even scared the fish and it is difficult to know what to do to protect them. But it really is heartbeaking when a dog that considers herself your protector curls quivering on your lap. ( No idea how much this one weighs, but she is NOT the small dog she insists she is 😉 )
    Thanks, Sally xxx


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