Waste Not…Want Not! Part Four…

Here is part four of the series on food waste from Carol Taylor… and certainly living in Thailand, she has seen first hand the devastation that plastic causes in the seas and on the beaches, to wildlife in particular. They are even finding levels of plastic in human bodies.. Time to make a difference – if we all took more care.. it would make a difference… Head over and add any tips that you have for cutting down on waste.

Retired? No one told me!

Waste and Pollution

Hi and welcome to Part Four of Waste Not, Want Not. .. The response from you guys has been awesome…I am impressed by how much some of you do…To combat waste in your own homes so give yourself a pat on the back…

My war on waste does seem to have morphed into something much bigger…I do believe we need to start with combating waste in our own homes and gardens which also saves us money so it is not a wasted exercise.

But I also read the news and see these heartbreaking pictures of starving children and beautiful marine life with fish hooks and plastic embedded in them so it is bigger than just our homes…Having lived on a paradise island for five years I saw the debris that washed up so those images are not staged they are the reality…Many people gave up their weekends to clean the…

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2 thoughts on “Waste Not…Want Not! Part Four…

  1. Thanks Sally. We should all raise our voices in protest at the callous way some human beings treat others and the helpless animal world. It’s sad how unthinking some can be. It’s a precious planet so why not treat it as such! Hugs xx

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