Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the shelves for Christmas #thriller – Desperation Rules the Day by Colin Guest

Very pleased to share the latest book by Colin Guest – Desperation Rules the Day

About the book

Nathan, the captain of a ship, finds himself in serious trouble. Unless he can pay his gambling debts, he is liable to lose his fingers. Given this, when offered a large sum of money to accept two containers on his ship, Nathan is only too willing to agree. He later finds he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. To his shock and horror, he finds himself the unwilling accomplice in a terrorist plot targeting America. After the authorities learn of this, Nathan makes a failed bid to escape a possible death prison sentence. As a result, he takes his own life. On the American President hearing about the failed attempt, he wants answers on who was behind the plot.

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A selection of books by Colin Guest

One of the reviews for Impending Disaster

Impending Disaster by Colin Guest is a short story that follows Ian, Mark, and Jane on a nice day out that quickly turns calamitous after their pilot loses control, their plane crashes, and they are thrown onto a mountainside. Instantaneously, they are bound into survival mode as they attempt to navigate a descent to the bottom…but, inevitably, the mountain (and the forces of both man and nature) have other ideas. As a series of events create a seemingly endless stream of bad luck, the trio work hard to not just save themselves, but a town at the mountain’s basin that could potentially be deluged and the entire population of residents swept away to certain death.

Impending Disaster by Colin Guest was a pleasant companion as I whiled away a couple hours on the beach. As expected, it’s a short story that takes a reader right in and continues with non-stop action until the end. It’s not always easy for a writer to develop their characters when working within a smaller word count but Guest does a great job of making them feel authentic. Brevity can also cause problems when multiple subplots come into play, but on that front Guest also had the skill to effectively keep pace and timing in line with his narrative. Whether you’re spending an afternoon in an armchair or on a picnic blanket, this is a good piece of adventure fiction that is easy to recommend to readers who enjoy quick escapes into worthwhile stories. 

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About Colin Guest

Colin Guest was born in Cheshire England in 1940, and raised in Plymouth, Devon. On leaving school, he started a five-year apprenticeship as a joiner/shopfitter, and went on to fit out shops, banks and offices throughout England. In 1978, he accepted an offer to work on the fit-out of a five-star hotel in Iran. Unfortunately, due to a revolution breaking out, he and his colleagues had to leave with the hotel unfinished. After a short time in Qatar on another hotel contract in 1979, Colin did not work overseas until 1983 when he went to work in Saudi Arabia. This became the start of his working for nineteen years as an expat in thirteen countries, spread through the Middle, Far East, and North Africa. After obtaining a married status contract in Turkey, Colin & his wife moved to live there in 1990. As a result of his living there for over twenty years, Colin wrote An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey. He recently had his memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps published, which covers his incredible life as an expat. Since the death of his wife in 2007, Colin remarried and now lives in Istanbul,

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