Fortune favours the brave

Jessica Norrie interviews author Jennie Ensor about her book The Girl in his Eyes… this is what Jessica has to say in her introduction and I do recommend that you head over read the entire interview.

Fortune favours the brave

I chose this title for today’s blog post for two reasons:

1) This is a new venture: my first author interview on the blog. When given the opportunity I was keen to write about Jennie Ensor and her book because I so admire what she’s done. If this goes down well I may do more interviews in future.

2) More importantly, Jennie’s novel is about childhood sexual abuse. It’s not autobiography and shouldn’t be read as such, but during the publishing journey she has opened up about her own childhood experiences. The reception and sales of the book look pretty good to me so far and she has much to be proud of. Hence the title. Now on with the show.

40951635The Girl in his Eyes (Bloodhound Books, Sept 18) is the story of Laura, a young woman who can’t find her niche in life. She drifts through jobs ranging from unfulfilling to dodgy; she can’t give of her best in either, and she can’t make friends.


Head over and read the rest of this is a thoughtful and thought provoking interview about a book that required a skillful hand to write. A tough subject.. and one that needs to be handled carefully..


via Fortune favours the brave

5 thoughts on “Fortune favours the brave

  1. Funny.. I was just watching a documentary on the making of Bohemian Rhapsody and the phrase, “fortune favors the brave” was used by someone describing why Queen was so successful despite their often blatant disregard for following anyone else’s path to the top.

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