Palm Oil…Part Two…Indigenous Tribes, Orangutans and the Ozone Layer

Carol Taylor in part two of her series on palm oil shares the impact on wildlife, indigenous tribes and the ozone layer… and shows us how to avoid buying products containing it. We cannot share our outrage.. without taking a stand by avoiding the products that contain it.

Ozone layer Orangutan Indigenous Tribes

Palm Oil

As a fresh food, Palm Oil can benefit your health like helping reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of arterial thrombosis. Unfortunately, much of the commonly used palm oil is in an oxidized form— that is to say, processed.

Once the oil is oxidized, it poses health dangers such as reproductive toxicity and organ toxicity, impacting organs such as the kidneys and lungs.

One of the tropical oils (along with coconut oil and palm kernel oil), it’s made from the fruit of oil palm trees.

Cheap to produce it produces up to nine times more oil per hectare than its closest counterpart, when it was announced that all trans fats must be declared on food packaging many food manufacturers ditched trans fats and looked to trans fat-free palm oil instead.

At what cost though?… I have read the arguments put forth by none other than the WWF about job losses and how it could affect whole villages however what about the habitat of the wildlife, the rainforests which are razed to the ground and the indigenous tribes who lose their homes. I know they are pressing for sustainable Palm Oil production but is that happening fast enough? In the meantime, many manufacturers and governments are razing the rainforest and the fires are having a negative effect on the environment…

It was only in June this year that fires were reported in Jakarta and although the government has banned this practice it still goes on…A combination of what is believed to be the result of the hot season and widespread open burning for agricultural purposes was the cause…Thousands of hectares of land are being burnt for Palm Oil Plantations Now I don’t know if this is to do with the sustainable palm oil or just Palm Oil BUT killing forests and peat land it is just awful…

How can we avoid products containing Palm Oil ?…

Please head over and read the rest of the post.

via Palm Oil…Part Two…Indigenous Tribes, Orangutans and the Ozone Layer

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