He’s lean, he’s mean and he’s back…

Shehanne Moore has released another of her books under her own publishing banner.. with an amazing new cover.. His Judas Bride..with a hot enticement from Incy Black to buy.. oh my…

shehanne moore


Scotland, long ago and far away

 Never look at the moon as you reach for the stars…

 Displaying herself half naked had never been part of the plan. Especially not in a see-through scarlet dress, in the middle of a raging snowstorm. But Lord Ewen McDunnagh was handsome so a plan could change.

It was unfortunate it should change so soon when he was also a drunk with a reputation for hiking the skirts of all women between the ages of fifteen and fifty and she’d still to gain entry to Lochalpin, but then again a knife jabbed her throat–his. So why not?

Show herself fully naked either? Well? Wasn’t she meant to be alluring, despite the fact it killed  her to the fossilized back ends of her chattering teeth?

“Lady McGurkie.”

Behind her, Kendrick—who else?—sounded as if he was hunched in abject despair over…

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16 thoughts on “He’s lean, he’s mean and he’s back…

  1. As someone who thinks visually I am loving Shey’s new covers as they are thematically integrated. you know as soon as you look at them they belong to the same author. I also loved the First chapter extract. It pops and sizzles full of sexual tension and unexploded threat. Pxx.

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