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Lisa Burton who collaborates with author Craig Boyack, has kindly brought a few of us together to share some of our experiences and thoughts on book promotion and how to make the most of this amazing blogging community we are part of. You will hear from the king of the jungle when it comes to promoting authors The Story Reading Ape, wonderful authors and bloggers who share their sites, time and efforts to get you noticed such as Colleen Chesebro, Sue Vincent and Annette Rochelle Aben, and not to forget the creative character interviews conducted by Lisa Burton herself… and you get my fourpennyworth too. Lisa would like to hear from you in the comments with links to share your opportunities for other authors to promote their books.. Please head over and I am sure you will find useful. thanks Sally

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Hi, all, and welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. This week is a special edition, because it’s geared to all you authors out there. It might give some good ideas to bloggers who want to host guests too.

Today, I’ve collected a group of power bloggers who host authors on their sites. This gives an author a way to reach a larger audience than they might if they were simply posting about date-night or something. This means when you have a new book to promote, or maybe to give an older title a secondary push.

We’re going to start by addressing the three-hundred-pound gorilla in the room, and I mean that literally. Chris The Storyreading Ape, hosts one of the largest author blogs around. “Did you get my fruit basket, Chris?”

“Yes I did thanks, Lisa – very thoughtful of you to use edible leaves to weave the…

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10 thoughts on “Exposing your work, on #LisaBurtonRadio

  1. This is a magnificent post.

    I’ve reblogged the original post to campbellsworld.wordpress.com and made some notes.

    I absolutely agree with what is said here. I can’t count high enough to count the times I’ve told my clients they must follow-up and participate in commenting on and sharing posts after they’ve been featured.

    I’ve been tempted to make it a contract requirement.


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