Location in writing. Four places in #Glencoe

Shehanne Moore allows The Hamster Dudes to wax lyrical.. whilst she explains the importance of location in our books…. she illustrates this with some excerpts from her novels set in the highlands, which is a wild and fascinating place. As always the hamsters are adorable and the post informative and entertaining.

shehanne moore

Shey – Yup. Indeed I’ve been meaning to blog it and show off a few pics of that weekend….ages ago now.

Shey….including the moveable summit there above. I say that cos mountains in Glencoe are a bit like writing books that way. You think you’re there when you’re not. Indeed you could say that about this whole biz.

But location? Yep. Kate Furnivall said something last post about it being another character in a book and for me that says it all.   It may not have goal, motivation or conflict BUT you ignore it at your peril if you want to bring your book to life.  So I always look to choose a location, or invest a place, a house for example, with characteristics that will hopefully do that.   

Glencoe has been a special place for me, for many years.  And when it came to thinking of what I could


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28 thoughts on “Location in writing. Four places in #Glencoe

  1. What Kate Furnivall said about location being another character is true. Locations force characters to move through them in a certain way. This determines what way they react to each other at given points, which in turn affects the pace and plotting, and the climatic points of the novel. A strongly written location forces the reader to imagine moving through the landscape in exactly the same way as the characters and so makes their choices seem inevitable: as if their actions are the only options available. Once the reader thinks that way the novel is alive in imagination. Pxx

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