Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Buy a Book for Christmas #Fantasty #SciFi #Paranormal – Elle Boca, Deborah A. Bowman, Richard Dee and Audrey Driscoll

Welcome to today’s selection of books for Christmas from the authors in the Cafe and Bookstore. Today something for everyone, beginning with some Science Fiction/Paranormal from Elle Boca with The Weeia Marshals Series.. and here is book one.. Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia….There is a several books in the series to enjoy and give as a gift this Christmas.

About Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia

Sworn to protect the secrets of their race, marshals are trained to police Weeia hiding among humans. After completing her advanced marshal training, Danni is blown away by her new plum assignment to Paris. But, all is not well in the City of Lights; the offices are a shambles, her boss is apathetic, and her predecessors died under mysterious circumstances; it’s almost like somebody doesn’t want the law there. Despite that she risks her life in the seedy underworld of gypsies and tramps to search for a missing Weeia man.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Elle Boca is the prolific author of seven books about Weeia, and three in the Marshalls series, of which this is the first. Although I have not read the previous books, it was easy to immerse myself in this one.

The Weeia look like normal humans but they possess special powers for the sole purpose of protecting humans and Weeia alike. Their lifespan is longer than humans, but they are subject to the same dangers. Marshalls are trained to police Weeia hiding among humans.

At the opening of this story Danni Metraeux, who, while constantly bullied at the academy, completes her final exam and becomes a level 3 Marshall. The bullying is the result of something that happened to her family, but it’s not explained, so I was left wondering exactly what had marked her. Expecting to be given an assignment in a backwater place, Danni instead receives a plum assignment to Paris. Arriving there, she discovers why the assignment isn’t plum: her housing is less than substandard, her immediate superior isn’t interested in working with her, and her predecessors all died.

Nevertheless, Danni, who is strong, persistent and inventive, gradually overcomes all the negatives and finally – one her own – discovers a purpose for her being in Paris: to find a missing Weeia man in the underworld of gypsies and tramps who also populate the city.
The author does a good job of creating a three-dimensional protagonist with special powers and a whole host of tangential characters: a sort-of boyfriend named Ernie, who as second to the school’s Weapon Master, supplies her with the weapons she needs for her work; her BFF Marla, with whom she can share her troubles, both at school and in Paris; Odile Marmotte, an overly-made up matriarch who handles the day to day affairs of Weeia Marshals and is largely dismissive of Danni until Danni stands up to her; and the handsome Alain, who takes her on a tour of Paris on a motorbike, introducing her to the city. Of course, there is also Paris, and the author makes the city real and immediate.

In Paris, Danni comes into her own, as her growing powers allow her to be successful. I did like the paranormal aspects of the Weeia and enjoyed this world the author created.
There were a few issues for me, in addition to wondering about Danni’s parents. The pacing of the book was somewhat uneven. The testing of new marshals at the beginning started the book at a good pace but was followed by a lot of background information slowing the story.

The tempo finally picked up around the middle of the book. The author does a great job with action scenes – I just wish there were more of them!

This book will definitely appeal to readers interested in the colorful world of a paranormal race, and there are two more books in this series.

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A selection of other books by Elle Boca

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Take a step back in time when intolerance and persecution were the norm, especially if you were different.. Here is Deborah A. Bowman and her book Annie’s Story.

About Annie’s story

This story of love and faith by “different” people—now called “special” people—begs to be told. “Annie’s Story” is about a dwarfed, mentally slow child growing up in Colonial America, who is “Blessed With A Gift” from the Spiritual Universe. In Annie’s lifetime, babies born with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death—their names cleansed from all church and legal records. Annie’s message is timeless, and her shining spirit reveals that “History Does Repeat Itself” in the treatment, abuse, labeling, and bullying of women, children, and individuals with special needs.

Factual research has confirmed what many generations have tried to eradicate or conceal as was done in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692-93, nearly half-a-century “after” Annie lived. JOIN THE ANNIE MOVEMENT to continue the fight for women’s rights, cure birth defects, and stop bullying. Have perceptions changed all that much since the mid-1600s? Have they changed enough? Sadly, they have not. Purchase the book to support women and children. Please, write a review and contact the author. Fundraiser opportunities available.

One of the reviews for the book.

on March 20, 2018

Annie’s Story is a magical tale of a wee lass born into harsh times in the colonial colonies of America. Born stunted and without hope, she blossoms into a wonderful child who is loved by all in her Scottish colony. The story follows Annie and her grandmother who is the healer and wise woman of the colony as they walk through the hardships and horrors of this time.

I adored Annie and her grandmother and the other characters in the Scots colony. The characters are so well written that I moved with ease through the book, sometimes moved to tears by the horrific events in the American colonies and Scotland.
The author doesn’t hold back and although painful at times, a strong voice is needed to write about the horrors of sectarianism which is still so much a part of Scotland today.

I highly recommend this book, it is not a weekend read, rather it is a novel that you lose yourself in.

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A selection of other books by Deborah A. Bowman

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The next author who has a selection of books that would please a scifi/humour/fantasy book lover is Richard Dee and here is the first book in his Andorra Pett series, Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe which receiving great reviews.

About Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe

Meet Andorra Pett; with her trusty sidekick, she’s taken over a derelict café. On a mining station. It just happens to be orbiting Saturn!

She’s hoping for a fresh start, away from all the drama of her old life. It’s a chance to relax and start again in a place where nobody knows anything about her or her past.

But the café holds a secret, and secrets have a habit of coming out; whether you want them to or not. And being accident prone doesn’t help. The more you try to pretend that you know what’s going on, the worse it gets.

Andorra’s plans for peace and quiet get lost amid the revelations and skulduggery and she soon realises that the fate of the whole station lies in her hapless hands.
In space, you can still trip over your feet; the question is, will you land upright?

One of the recent reviews for Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe

If you’re a fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Agatha Christie style murder mysteries, this novel has it all. Lovable characters and light humour make this a very enjoyable read, not so much ‘science fiction’ but more of a fun filled adventure set in space. When Andorra Pett and her friend, Cy, lease a café on a mining station around Saturn they never imagined they would find the previous owner’s body in the freezer.
Excitement kicks when the café starts to attract customers, not to mention an unofficial ‘King Pin’ (who runs the rival diner) and his guards. So instead of coming clean, Andi and Cy endeavour to solve the mystery themselves and the suspense thickens. I won’t reveal more but this novel has an exciting plot, good dialogue and down to earth characters but not only that. The author drew me into a surreal and fascinating alternative world that makes me wonder how advanced the human race really could become in the future, from mining rocks in the rings of Saturn, to growing and harvesting crops on planet earth style farm. The rapport between Andi and Cy was witty and sharp with lots of twists

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Books by Richard Dee

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Now for another series that has a strong following from supernatural/paranormal author Audrey Driscoll, starting with Book one in the Herbert West Series – The Friendship of Mortals. The series is also available to buy as a set.

About the book

Arkham, Massachusetts, 1910. Librarian Charles Milburn takes up a position as cataloguer in the Library of Miskatonic University. He becomes the keeper of the Necronomicon, an ancient book of secret lore kept in the Library’s vault.

Herbert West, a medical student with a dubious reputation, requests access to the fabled book, and Charles grants it despite his misgivings. So begins a friendship that takes Charles far from the rules of cataloguing and the conventions familiar to an honest young man from a good Boston family.

Herbert West can restore the dead to life, he says, and he persuades Charles to be his assistant. Their experiments, carried out in secret by night, in improvised laboratories and by stealth in the hospital attached to the university, achieve success – of a sort. Charles finds himself caught between the demands of his fascinating friend and his growing attraction to Alma Halsey, daughter of the Dean of Medicine.

In 1914, as war begins in Europe, Charles is both relieved and distressed to say goodbye to West as he sails away to France to serve as a medical officer. Over the next four years, West’s letters reveal a mixture of cynicism and black humour that hint at – what? Charles doesn’t know and would rather not guess. Engrossed in cataloguing the books of an eccentric professor, he develops an interest in alchemy as a way to transform the base into the excellent.

West returns from the War to a career as a surgeon utilizing techniques perfected on the maimed, dying …and dead? Lonely and self-doubting despite his professional success, Charles can’t bring himself to abandon West as his reputation grows and darkens. Rumours of illicit experiments overshadow West’s spectacular public successes, and he begins to crack under attacks from colleagues and threats from his gangster brothers. Beleaguered on all sides and under threat of investigation, West appeals to Charles for help. Charles is sympathetic until West reveals the perilous nature of his plan.

Vacillating between horror and hope and haunted by West’s misdeeds, Charles must draw on his knowledge of alchemy and his tottering faith in powers beyond himself if he is to save his friend’s life. Only his conscience stands in the way.

One of the recent reviews for the book

I’m familiar with Lovecraft only by reputation, since I’m generally not into horror. And after looking at some of the other reviews, I think that’s an asset when you read The Friendship of Mortals. If you come with no preconceptions, you won’t be disappointed that the author has not written an imitation of Lovecraft. Instead, she’s extracted some concepts and made a whole new tale.

The book has a lot of things I like – libraries, universities, mysterious characters, Gothic atmosphere that is both seamy and elegant, plenty of dialogue (dialogue is how people communicate, after all), and outstanding descriptions. It’s a long book, but that’s not a problem for me. I had no trouble with the flow of the plot. It kept me riveted.

You can’t really like Herbert West, but you can be fascinated by him, even as the narrator, Charles Milburn, is. In fact, I found Milburn to be more interesting than West, because we can watch his complexity developing, even as West remains a mystery. There is always a paranormal element in the book, but this increases toward the end, as Milburn becomes more familiar with ancient alchemical writings. He begins to see ghosts and is visited by the apparition of John Hocks become a demon (the existence of Hocks haunts the entire book).

And then of course there is what happens to the Necromancer’s blood … And the unexplained mystery of the emerald ring …

The early 20th-century period in which the book is laid is perfect for this tale of pseudoscience. Medical knowledge was advancing rapidly, but it hadn’t reached the stage of forensic DNA testing – still primitive enough that experiments such as West’s might be plausible.

Some fine descriptions gem the book, just enough of them to enhance the atmosphere. Here is an example from the very first page:

“I will admit that certain of my memories are too heavy to carry around with me. I have entrusted them to a mental root cellar – dark, cold and difficult of access. The key to this place, unlike most keys, permits itself to be found only on nights such as this, when I have drunk deeply enough to set aside daytime scruples.”

One might say that the idea of cellars and darkness dominates the book, in contrast with certain passages of beauty and light, such as these:

“Her home resembled a ship’s cabin, afloat on a sea of leaves visible through the window.”
“The wind blew over the cliff top, stirring the grass tussocks that clung to the thin soil on the rock. On the far horizon was a bank of high-piled cumulus clouds, their battlements and crenellations like the gate of heaven.”

Great stuff!

This book is only the first of four parts, which I plan to read before too much time passes.

How can you not want to learn what happens next to Herbert West and his steadfast friend, Charles Milburn?

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A selection of books by Audrey Driscoll including the complete set of the Herbert West Series.

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Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed the selection of books that would make great gifts for Christmas.. thanks Sally


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