Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves for Christmas -#Children’s Myrtle’s Game by Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange, Illustrated by Jo Robinson

Delighted to share the news of the latest release from Cynthia Reyes and her daughter Lauren Reyes-Grange with illustrations by Jo Robinson, which is a sequel to the lovely children’s book Myrtle the Purple Turtle. It is available in Kindle and would make a wonderful gift for children and grandchildren.

About Myrtle’s Game

Myrtle the Purple Turtle returns with another great adventure! Myrtle and her friends are turned away when they try to join in a game with others. The friends walk away, feeling hurt, but that’s just the start of the story. Find out how Myrtle, Gertie, Hurtle and Snapper solve the problem, in this second picture book about Myrtle the Purple Turtle. A perfect book for children ages 3 to 8 (and adults who like turtles), it follows Myrtle the Purple Turtle — a bestseller, praised by thousands of children and adults, teachers and librarians around the world.

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The first book in the series

One of the wonderful reviews for the book

“Myrtle the Purple Turtle,” a children’s book by Cynthia Reyes, has been out in the world for awhile (it was published in 2017). “Myrtle” has been on my “wish list” for a while, and today I finally broke down and picked up the Kindle version for myself.

Myrtle is a purple turtle, happy with life and what she likes and does, until a crabby, conceited, and prejudiced green turtle comes along. The green turtle makes fun of purple Myrtle’s appearance, and she becomes dejected, wishing to be green like other turtles. In the end, with a little help from Mom and her little turtle friends, Myrtle arrives at the understanding that it’s natural to be different, and in truth, every being is different and unique in its own way.

What I came away with in reading “Myrtle” is the message that we should realize that although we are the same, we each are unique. Moreover, it’s good to fit in with others, but isn’t grand to have distinctive appearances, talents, likes, dislikes, et cetera—some things we can call our own and share with others? I think so.

I believe this is a worthwhile children’s book. Not only does it help teach to be considerate of others, it also teaches that you don’t have to do, or be like, your friends, celebrities, or anybody else. It’s like the old saying many of us heard our parents say as we were growing up: “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you, too?” Don’t follow the crowd. —Something in that vein.

The illustrations by Jo Robinson are brilliantly colored, sharp, and charming. They help the visual aspect of the written story, and they will certainly catch the young – and older – eye.
“Myrtle the Purple Turtle” is great summertime reading and would make a very thoughtful gift for youngsters for any occasion, any time of the year. Recommended.

Also by Cynthia Reyes

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And on Amazon UK:

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About Cynthia Reyes

Cynthia Reyes is the author of A Good Home and An Honest House. Her children’s illustrated book Myrtle the Purple Turtle was published in October 2017 to excellent reviews.

Cynthia is a former journalist, producer-director and executive producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. More than a hundred episodes of her programs appeared on network television. She won national and international awards and acclaim for her work, including The Children’s Broadcast Institute Award , The Trailblazer Award and The Crystal Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film and Television.

In October 2016, the country of her birth, Jamaica, inducted Cynthia into the Order of Distinction, Commander Rank, in recognition of her work in Canadian and international journalism.

Connect to Cynthia


Illustrations by Jo Robinson

Jo Robinson currently resides in her homeland, South Africa, after having lived in rural Zimbabwe for many years. Her obsessive affection for the African continent, most humans, and all creatures feathered and furred are what inspire her writing. Her stories are mostly about people, and the sometimes dark twists that life takes. She also writes science fiction/fantasy, humour, and horror, not being one to restrict herself.

Find out more about Jo’s author services:

Apart from offering a range of author services, Jo is a talented writer of several books.

Read the reviews and buy the books:

Thank you for dropping in today and it would be wonderful if you could spread the news about Cynthia and her talented daughter’s new book as far and wide as possible. Thanks Sally.


13 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves for Christmas -#Children’s Myrtle’s Game by Cynthia Reyes and Lauren Reyes-Grange, Illustrated by Jo Robinson

  1. Enormous thanks, Sally. Not only for this terrific story about Myrtle’s Game, but also for honouring Lauren, Jo, Myrtle and me, and the many authors and illustrators who have been featured over the years. You are a treasure. XX. BTW: paperback should be released today or tomorrow.

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