Annika Perry shares a tradition from Sweden – Lucia. The Celebration of Light..Fascinating.. especially the practice in the past of wearing lit candles on your head. In the depth of the long winter this must have been a welcome festival…#recommended

Annika Perry

My Three Lucia Figurines

TODAY (13th December) nearly every home, school, hospital, factory, workplace, church, hotel and restaurant in Sweden is celebrating LUCIA.

Lucia is the Bringer of Light and is celebrated on what, in the old almanac, was the darkest day of the year. The day is one of light, hope and love. The tradition has its roots in St. Lucia of Syracuse who died as a martyr in AD304.

Whilst the dark holds its firm grip on night, households across the country waken and quietly prepare. The long white gowns will have been carefully ironed the day before, the red sash belts laid out, candles and matches placed at the ready.

Lucia herself carries a crown of candles on her head. These are often now battery powered but not too long ago normal wax candles were used. The crown was placed on a damp handkerchief on the head…

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  1. Sally, warmest thanks for sharing my post about Lucia on your blog! It is always a magical and special occasion and one which brings joy & stillness to my heart! Pure magic! It was interesting for me to learn a bit about the history of Lucia and to share some of the music. Last year we saw this in St. Paul’s and it was astonishing … something I will never forget. Whether celebrated in church, school, work place, Lucia always brings light and is an uplifting tradition.

    Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Xx ❤️

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