Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Happy New Year and 2019 promotions and posts

It is the time of year when we look back over twelve months, and wonder how they went by so quickly!!! And we also look ahead to the year to come.

My vision for Smorgasbord Blog Magazine has always been to create a watering hole where writers can gather to meet, talk about and promote their work and to support each other. This year I want to develop that theme further, by growing the community that is already amazingly supportive to each other. It is a fact of the life we have chosen as writers, that millions of others have chosen it too. I hope that being promoted on Smorgasbord, offers you a little more visibility for your work across social media.

This is definitely a team effort, and it would not be nearly as effective without your help in spreading the posts across your own networks… thank you so much for that.

I want to say a huge thank you to the contributors who have posted on a regular basis throughout the year including William Price King with the Music Column which has been educational and entertaining. So many wonderful artists from across the music genres and I for one have learnt so much.

Thomas the Rhymer

Paul Andruss with his incredibly researched articles about myths and legends, ancient and modern, not to mention superb gardening posts. Paul is working on his own projects at the moment but delights us from time to time with posts to help celebrate the festivals during the year.

Carol Taylor has created the most wonderful recipes throughout the year and really surpassed herself with her traditional and vegetarian menus this Christmas. You will find all her columns in that directory, and in 2019… as well as the weekly cookery and food column, I will be repeating the Cook From Scratch series from 2016, where I give you the health benefits and Carol takes the ingredients to create healthy, delicious meals.

Jessica Norrie has contributed the amazing Literary Column. Each month she shared a wonderful selection of classic and modern books that should be on every readers book list. Something for everyone from thrillers, mysteries and romances, with plenty of classic children’s books to keep the younger generation happy.

D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies, joined the team in the summer with the Travel Column and has taken us to the Caribbean and Mexico with her wonderfully detailed posts. In January I will be doing a post with links and excerpts from those destinations and in February Debby takes us to Arizona for some more sunshine.

And last buy by no means least… Linda Bethea has joined us a regular guest with stories of her extended family which will either have you in hysterics or at least grateful for your own relatives. Look out for her posts every two weeks

From 1st of January I am delighted to announce that Annette Rochelle Aben will be joining our team here on Smorgasbord with a column that will share the ancient belief in the mystical relationship between numbers and events. You can find out more about Numerology in her introductory post. And her forecast for us all for January begins tomorrow.

There have been some wonderful guests over the last twelve months for the Getting to Know You Sunday Interview. You will find all the details that you need in the post to join the other authors and bloggers who have been interviewed so far, and the first two guests for 2019 are already booked for the 13th and 20th of January… I hope you will join them.

The Cafe and Bookstore continues to thrive and I will of course continue to feature new books from existing authors and new to the cafe. There are a couple of tweaks to the submission process and you can find details HERE – There will be a twice weekly update for recent reviews in addition to any new book promotions.

As part of the renewed focus on health this year, there will be the usual health column each week with the emphasis on health and food in the news. Keeping updated with advances or research is essential as at times our lives depend on it. I have also a new project that I am going to be sharing on the blog during the year that will then be published.

It is twenty- two years since I began to write my first published book, Size Matters, which shares my challenge to lose 150lbs when I was in my mid-40s. It began as my journal and also shared the programme I designed to lose the weight. I went on to qualify as a nutritional therapist and have worked with clients for the last 20 years, firstly in Ireland and then the UK. I also shared the programme on radio in Spain and that led to a wonderful few years as a presenter on radio there and in the UK. You see you never know where writing a book will lead you.

Anyway, I am now updating that book with all that I have experienced, learnt and absorbed in the last twenty years. The world is also very different now. When I was 330lbs, you stood out from the crowd.

Not so today, with an obesity epidemic in the western world that is threatening to cut short the lives of the younger generation. It is those that are at a healthy weight who stand out from the crowd!

There is real concern that the current generation will not live as long as we will, due to industrialised food production, laden with additives and sugars that are so readily and conveniently available. A decrease in the nutritional value of the fresh food we do consume, and a reliance on fast food laden with calories, and a reduction in our daily exercise.

I hope that this new and updated version of Size Matters will bring some clarity to the information that is pumped out by the media and highlight the latest research into the obesity crisis. It is still my story, and is written from the perspective of someone who has always struggled with weight, and seeks an effective solution that will help others.

And as always there will be plenty of humour, short stories, guest posts, afternoon videos and surprises waiting for you when you drop in next time.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a fantastic year ahead.. thank you for sharing this last twelve months with me and look forward to more fun in 2019. Sally ♥♥


61 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Happy New Year and 2019 promotions and posts

  1. Where to start, Sally – in reference to your ‘spreading us thickly in the writing/reading public’s eye’ ? So many of us ‘owe you big’ and send a huge THANK YOU for your appreciated work over the last year. May 2019 treat you kindly and give you and your family all you wish for. Peace, hope and love. Joy xx

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  3. You are such an inspiration, Sally, and doing the incredible work for us authors, to bringing out our names. I appreciate your work so much. Thank you so much for everything over the past years. and now 2019 has arrived. Happy New Year to you and your family. Love you Sally ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Wow! 😀 Sally, your energy and support for us all knows no bounds! Thank you for everything over the year and this December I remembered last years first of despair and then joy as my book was published! Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2019 … May joy and laughter be in all your days. Hugs xx ❤️

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  5. Happy New Year. It’s a pleasure being a part of this extraordinary group of people. Wishing you all the best. Thank’s so much Sally for a great year. Big hugs.

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  6. Thank you for a wonderful year here Sal, and for all you do for all of us. I’m thrilled to be part of it all and look forward to sharing more stories in the new year. You’re a star Sally girl! Love and big New Year hugs to you. ❤ xoxo

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  7. WIshing you a very happy New Year, Sally – it sounds like 2019 will be very exciting in Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. Thank you for everything and congratulations on the updated version of “Size Matters.”

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  8. Happy New Year, Sally! I am thrilled that Annette will be joining your team as a regular blogger. I learn so much from those who contribute and from you as well. Thank you for your generosity to the writing world!! Cheers!

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