Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – #Reviews – Mary Adler, Rachele Baker DVM, Marina Osipova and Terry Tyler

Welcome to the first of the author updates for 2019… looking forward to another year of amazingly talented writers and their work.

The first author with a recent review is Mary Adler for her wartime mystery Shadowed by Death An Oliver Wright WW II Mystery Book 2. A young Polish freedom fighter is in danger and Oliver Wright must try to protect her..

About Shadowed by Death

San Francisco, 1944. Sophia Nirenska, a Polish resistance fighter who survived the Warsaw ghetto uprising, finds safety in California until someone tries to kill her. She insists political enemies want to silence her, but homicide detective Oliver Wright, on medical leave from the Marines, believes the motive is more personal. He and his German shepherd, Harley, try to protect Sophia, but she insists on doing things her own way—a dangerous decision.

Oliver guards Sophia as they travel from an Italian cafe in Richmond to communist chicken farmers in Petaluma where her impetuous actions put them both in mortal danger.

When Oliver rescues a girl and her dog who are running for their lives, he discovers the dark secret at the heart of the threat to Sophia, a secret with its roots in Poland. When he does, he is forced to choose between enforcing the law as he knows it and jeopardizing Sophia or accepting a rougher kind of justice.

Shadowed by Death accurately portrays the fears and troubles of the communities of northern California as they bear the burdens of World War II and celebrate the gift of finding family among strangers.

A recent review for the book

Shadowed by Death by Mary Adler is an unique historical mystery that weaves the horrific incidents caused by the Nazis in World War II into a fascinating suspenseful mystery.

Oliver and his dog Harley work to find who is trying to kill Sophia a Polish resistant fighter who is stirring things up in California by telling about what she know and saw in Poland. Oliver finds that danger follows Sophia and soon it puts him in danger also. Can Oliver keep Sophia safe while trying to figure out who is after her and not become a victim too?

This book is so intriguing you just can’t put it down. I really like the time period and the setting for this book. It brings in a different kind of mystery by making the main characters being an integral part of the fighters that were brave enough to fight the Nazis against all odds. I liked the reckless, brave Sophia who was tough and throws caution to the wind to accomplish her mission to expose what had happened. Oliver is smart, kind, resilient and overcomes his disability from his leg injury to protect and investigate. It just all works to make for a good, page turning book. If I had anything I didn’t like it would be how it jumped around some and in a few places moved slow. All in all it was a good book and I would like to read more of Oliver and Harvey’s adventures.

If you like history, strong, interesting characters, with a puzzling mystery then you will want to read this book.

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Also by Mary Adler

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Keeping our pets healthy is as important as our own health..  Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy by Rachele Baker, DVM.

About Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Did you know? That if you feed large breed puppies diets other than those formulated and labeled specifically for “Large Breed” puppies that they can develop bone and joint problems? Learn more in Chapter 1: The Best Nutrition For Dogs and Puppies.

Do you know the proper way to clean your dog’s ears? Keeping your dog’s ears clean can help to prevent recurrent ear infections. Chapter 6: Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean walks you through the steps to properly clean your dog’s ears and gives recommendations for high quality ear cleaners for dogs.

Buyer Beware. The term “Holistic” on dog food labels is not legally defined or regulated by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Read more in Chapter 1.

Does your dog constantly pull on the leash on walks? You will appreciate the tips in Chapter 2 – Part 2: Fun Exercise Options For Your Dog.

Do you know how to determine if your dog is overweight?  Learn more in Chapter 2 – Part 1: Keeping Your Dog At A Healthy Weight.

Even people who have had dogs for years will be sure to learn something new in this fabulous book by veterinarian Dr. Rachele Baker. Get yours today!

One of the recent reviews for the book

Dog Health Care  on December 27, 2018

This book was interesting and to the point and easy to understand. There were several way to achieve an outcome, such as giving pills, exercise,and feeding. It explained some diseases and how the dog may have gotten it.

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The next author with a recent review is Marina Osipova with her novel of love and war The Cruel Romance.

About The Cruel Romance

October 1941. A small village outside Moscow. Serafima bids farewell to Vitya, a Soviet officer going to the front. With only moments left together, she places a cross around her beloved’s neck and reluctantly releases him into a cruel world where nothing is certain, especially whether she will ever see him again. Days later Germans invade her village and take over her tiny house. Serafima and her mother must comply with orders, endure abuse, and stay put or their village will be annihilated.

As World War II intertwines Serafima’s and Vitya’s life with that of a young German violinist and a Russian intellectual, their destinies are irrevocably altered. Can they rise to the challenge of agonizing moral choices and learn to forgive and love again? Praise The Cruel Romance is a tale of love, violence, and acceptance as Serafima is forced to live with what the Germans left behind.

This compelling story makes for a thrilling read in a setting and time that comes to life, pulling the reader into the vividly drawn, rarely seen world. Elisabeth Amaral, author of When Any Kind of Love Will Do and Czar Nicholas, The Toad, and Duck Soup

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Beautifully written and expertly told. This is at times heartbreaking and an unconventional love story. Osipova’s vivid descriptions thrust you right into the war its hardships and the lives torn apart by circumstances beyond the characters control. A delightful read from start to finish.

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And last but not least a recent review for Terry Tyler and Legacy: Book Four Project Renova Series... I have read the series and can highly recommend.

About Legacy

Out of all the death and destruction has come the freedom to be who we really are.’

A hundred years after the world was devastated by the bat fever virus, the UK is a country of agricultural communities where motherhood is seen as the ideal state for a woman, new beliefs have taken over from old religions, and the city of Blackthorn casts a threatening shadow over the north of England. Legacy travels backwards in time to link up with the characters from Tipping Point, Lindisfarne and UK2.

Seventeen-year-old Bree feels stifled by the restrictions of her village community, but finds a kindred spirit in Silas, a lone traveller searching for his roots. She, too, is looking for answers: the truth behind the mysterious death, forty years earlier, of her grandmother.

In 2050, Phoenix Northam’s one wish is to follow in the footsteps of his father, a great leader respected by all who knew him…or so his mother tells him.

In 2029, on a Danish island, Lottie is homesick for Lindisfarne; two years earlier, Alex Verlander and the kingpins of the Renova group believe they have escaped the second outbreak of bat fever just in time…

Book 4 of the Project Renova series rebuilds a broken country with no central government or law, where life is dangerous and people can simply disappear…but the post-Fall world is also one of possibility, of freedom and hope for the future.

A recent review for the book..

One of the best things about coming to the end of a captivating novel is finding that there are a further three books already published that carry on with the story that has had you engrossed. Such was the case with Tipping Point. I have now finished reading all four books in the Renova Project series and I’m still reeling with the impact they have had on me.

The concept of a deadly plague wiping out much of humanity is not a new one but Terry Tyler has taken the idea and by golly has she gone to town with this four book series. I cannot praise these books enough. The early pace never lets up and I loved how she took ordinary people and showed how a deadly disease could devastate not only families but communities, cities, countries and eventually plunge the whole planet back into the middle ages. I didn’t think the last book ‘Legacy’ could be any better than the three earlier books but Ms Tyler has wound up the series leaving no loose ends to niggle the reader.

One hundred years after the outbreak of Bat Fever we find how life for the survivors has now panned out. Imagine .. no manufacturing industries, no electricity, no cars, no internet, no shops. Nothing that we all take for granted. This last book explains what life could be like and the terrifying thing is – it could happen. An apocalypse like this is just around the corner. A deadly disease, a rogue asteroid, a nuclear world war. Any major disaster could end life as we know it. Terry Tyler has given us a scenario that doesn’t bear thinking about. What a writer! If I could, I’d give it ten stars.

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A selection of other books by Terry Tyler

Read the reviews and buy the books:

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Thanks for dropping in today and if you could share the reviews around that would be great… Sally

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